LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4)- The man convicted of starting the Reservoir Road fire may sue the firefighters who helped put it out.

Joel Ledermann started the 750-acre fire while burning yard debris in September 2010. Two homes burned and 300 homes were evacuated.

joel ledermann Man Who Started Reservoir Road Fire May Sue Firefighters

Joel Ledermann (credit: Loveland Police Dept.)

Ledermann has laid the ground work to sue more than a dozen agencies. He has filed a legal claim against the 13 fire departments that put the fire out. The claim will examine the response times and strategy on fighting the fire for all the agencies involved. The filing also opens the door for a lawsuit.

“We understand the individual involved is following his legal rights, we understand that,” said Loveland Fire Chief Randy Mirowski.
Loveland Fire is one of the departments named in the claim. Mirowski has had to explain to his firefighters that the claim is simply a legal move.

“I think it’s crazy, because I thought they did an excellent job. If it wasn’t for the slurry bombers and the helicopters, we may have burned up, too,” said fire evacuee Arnie Stroschein.

The claim isn’t sitting well with Arnie and Karol Stroschein who were evacuated from their home.

reservoir road fire Man Who Started Reservoir Road Fire May Sue Firefighters

Reservoir Road Fire in Larimer County in Sept. 2010 (credit: CBS)

“We stood out there for eight hours watching that and praying,” said fire evacuee Karol Stroschein.

“It’s not about what the fire departments did, but he doesn’t want to be in debt the rest of his life for what he caused,” said Arnie.

“It’s my opinion that nothing will come of this,” said Mirowski.

Comments (11)
  1. Cherie says:

    What Arnie said,”He doesn’t want to be in debt for the rest of his life for what he caused .”,is it.Pathetic,not strong enough to shoulder the guilt and work toward some way to repay for all the loss he caused

  2. Steve G says:

    This idiot started a fire, no regaards for damage he caused. He should be in jail just for being stupid. He files a claim. Pathetic

  3. uffdaron says:

    That’s why God invented Smith and Wesson.

    1. trevor says:

      You should be reported and investigated for leaving such a psychotic post.

  4. bluesanta123 says:

    And take out any lawyer that would file his stupid lawsuit for him also

    1. Trevor says:

      You should also be investigate for leaving terrorist threats.

      1. Trevor says:


  5. Linda Hall Houle says:

    This guy CAUSED the fire, He should take all the BLAME.. The Firefighters all did their jobs.. Shame on him for trying to Blame someone else for HIS MISTAKE!! I hope that all the Insurance Companies SUE HIM!! Because of him all of his neighbors LOST their HOMES.. They should Sue him TOO

  6. Marie says:

    I own 35 acres with thousands of trees, which all burned in that fire. Although we were fortunate not to have a house on the land, all those dead trees are still standing. It will cost a fortune to clean up the property, we lost value in the land and we can’t sell it now. I wasn’t planning on filing a suit against him, but this suit he’s filed against the firefighters angers me enough that I just might change my mind.

    1. Trevor says:

      That’s why Colorado will never be a great state. People in your state will hang your neighbor for an accident and not even think twice about it. The same thing happened to a firefighter in a different county not faraway and the guy got off without paying a dime, some justice.

  7. bluesanta123 says:

    Trevor …Try getting a brain sometime (& using it) before you write another post. The people here are upset about the fire, sure. But they are outraged over his lawsuit trying to put the blame on the fire Dept. So your comment about the firefighter so far off base it’s laughable

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