Written by Brian Maass
DENVER (CBS4) – Facing a bleak financial picture, Denver budget analysts have suggested the Denver Police Department, Fire Department and Sheriff’s Department may need to cut numerous jobs and millions of dollars from their budgets.

City administrators have indicated DPD will need to slash the equivalent of 100 full time employees from its 2012 budget and come up with total savings of nearly $24 million for 2012.

“But that doesn’t necessarily translate into us reducing uniformed officers,” cautioned Denver Mayor Bill Vidal, speaking to CBS4 Thursday morning.

“They have other administrative staff as well. They have vacancies they haven’t filled. This is not necessarily a reduction in uniformed officers. I would suggest it might be a few, but not many,” said Vidal.

The Mayor’s Office said Thursday that the Denver Fire Department has been asked to cut the equivalent of 20 full time jobs and come up with more than $10 million in savings in the 2012 budget. As for the Sheriff’s Department, they have been asked to cut the equivalent of 20 full time positions and nearly $9 million in their 2012 budget.

City budget managers expect a shortfall of $100 million between projected revenues and operating expenditures for 2012. To address the gap, the Mayor’s Office and the Budget and Management Office are asking all departments to identify savings options.

“The savings target for the police operating budget is $23.8 million, according to an email sent to Denver Police. In asking for the savings, budget administrators told the police department they need to aim to reduce the equivalent of 100 full time employees.

“Please note,” reads the e-mail, “The FTE target is a minimum and its likely your savings proposals will need to include more than that to reach the savings target.”

Lt. Matt Murray, a DPD spokesman said Thursday, “We’ll meet the goals. It’s a process. We’ve started it,” said Murray.

When it comes to budget cuts for 2012, Vidal said “there’s no low hanging fruit anymore.”

Additional Resources

Read the email from the city to the police department.

Comments (12)
  1. Militia says:

    That must be the equivalent of the city councils 6.6% raise.
    Burn it down demonrats,

    1. DAY says:

      Does anyone else see what Militia is pointing out????? Whas this the “CHANGE” the Demoquacks talked about????

  2. Draper says:

    They keep cutting and putting more stress on the cops and then wonder why they have incidents that hit the news. They keep supporting their pet projects and paying for them off the city workers and their families backs. Can’t wait for a new Chief like Keesee to step in and bring all this out in the open. Law Enforcement is suppose to be the basic government service paid for by tax payers – why aren’t they looking elsewhere to make these cuts. Smoke a mirrors if they think they can cut a 100 bodies and they won’t affect service to the citizens in a significant way – especially since DPD is already down to just over 1400 from well over 1700 cops during the DNC.

    1. carson says:

      Easy fix: Those who need security (cop) services can pay for their own private security. That’s how it should have been all along. Government shouldn’t have to do EVERYTHING. If people want cops they can buy their own cops and leave the rest of us alone.

  3. Vdogg555 says:

    How about cutting the City Counsel? They don’t do anything, just give themselves pay raises when everyone else has to take cuts and furloughs.

  4. CopsRfriends says:

    Ummm, did anyone do the math?

    $23,800,000 saved by cutting 100 cops would lead me to believe that the average Officer is making $238,000. Surely that’s not correct, but why hasn’t any asked this question?

    1. andre says:

      thats how much it costs to keep cop on the job (salary and other expenses)

  5. Will says:

    Draper – sounds like you’re one of the misfit cops they’re talking about all over the news these days – I’ve heard from friends about Keesee and they tell me she’s in tight with the Union because her cop husband’s got friend on the Board. She’s part of the same crew that’s been running the place for the past ten years – but stays in the shadows to keep from making any unpopular decisions. Cutting the fat would be a good thing and going outside to find a new Chief would straighten up the place – just like here in the private sector.!

  6. Stephen Ross says:

    we absolutly need to make thesae cuts,, look how much time and money they put into marijuana the lowest priority they have. If they can devote that many resources into the lowest priority then thats where to start the cuts
    besides i am sick of the way the brutilize the public

  7. carson says:

    Yay!!! Fire all the corrupt cops! Another nice catalyst in tramping down police corrruption in Denver. Beautiful stuff. They deserve this.

  8. The Truth says:

    They wouldn’t have to let any firemen go, if the city hadn’t negotiated a new contract with DFD/IAFF that gives everyone large raises in 2011 and 2012.

    Not to mention that DFD has spent MASSIVE amounts of money, continually changing the brands/styles of bunker gear, helmets, and boots every time a new chief was appointed. They also spent large sums of money changing the stripes on the trucks, to suit the tastes of the new chief………. I guess they thought that the spigot of taxpayer money would run forever.

  9. Martin says:

    Maybe the Police should pay all the lawsuits out of their Budget and let Teachers and Firemen keep their jobs. THe public is having to suffer as these police run a roast and beat innocent people to a pulp.

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