HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (CBS4) – The wife of the American CIA contractor freed from prison in Pakistan after the killings of two Pakistani men sounded remarkably calm on Wednesday considering the predicament her husband was in.

“I don’t know how I’m supposed to act, I just know I trust my husband, my government,” said Rebecca Davis.

Davis, of Highlands Ranch, told CBS4 she “trusted the training” her husband Raymond Davis has and knew he would be okay all along.

Davis says he was acting in self defense when he killed the men on Jan. 27 in northwest Pakistan. He was released on Wednesday after more than $2 million in “blood money” was paid to his victims’ families, defusing a dispute that threatened an alliance vital to defeating al Qaeda and ending the Afghan war. (Full Story on CBSNews.com)

In the days after the incident first made headlines, Davis said she knew Raymond would be back safe in America at some point, but she wasn’t sure when it would be.

“I knew it was self defense. My husband is not a killer. He’s not a Rambo like the L.A. Times said. He’s nothing like what everybody portrayed him to be. He’s very cool headed, even tempered, highly trained. I knew that he did what he had to do because he had to do it. It was either kill or be killed. And I’m sure he was thinking during that split second ‘I’m not going to die today. This is not my turn.'”

109158044 Wife Of CIA Contractor Excited By News Of His Release From Pakistan

This file photo taken on Jan. 28, 2011, shows Pakistani police escorting Raymond Davis to a court in Lahore. (Photo credit should read Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images)

She said she spoke to her husband while he was detained and he said being in prison there was something he “wouldn’t wish on his worst enemy.” To keep himself calm over the past few weeks she said Raymond played cribbage and did origami.

Davis said they have a 2-year-old son in Highlands Ranch, and that she understood when she married him that this was his line of work.

Davis said her husband could be back in Colorado as early as next week, but that the timing will depend on how long the debriefing process will take back in the country. She also said she expects he’ll be back on the job soon.

“He’s all about his country, so I’m sure he’ll be getting back involved when he wants or is able to.”

Davis said there was one thing that helped her get through the ordeal, her time in the military. She met her husband when both were stationed at Fort Bragg.

Comments (8)
  1. Ron says:

    I guess you can KILL people and get away with it in 2011, if you are White. Shame!

  2. Don says:

    The wife sounded like such an idiot talking about an international incident and the death of two people and how she needs a pedacure? Please move away. Far far away.

  3. Leslie says:

    Good for her.

  4. Robert says:

    I normally would not comment but don’t understand her laughter during her interview. Two people died and the way her husbands true identity came out seems a bit odd to me. Who paid the money? Was he really a diplomat with immunity? Very strange and the truth seems hidden.

  5. alex ron says:

    I feel sick after watching her laughter on TV.I have never seen any one so shameful acting like that after such an incident and an ordeal that her husband went through.No doubt that Davis acted a like a Rambo.He killed two young Pakistani men in cold blood on a busy street and another man was killed by the vehicle trying to rescue Davis from the scene.One of the murdered men’s wife committed suicide.I cant imagine how his wife says that he is not a killer.He is a murderer who murdered two innocent young men.Because we are Americans and got him out after paying over $ 2 millions does not acquit him of what he did.Then we ask why rest of the world hates us!Because we can kill and still not accept that we have killed.Rebecca,you are wife of a murderer and a Rambo.

  6. Tony says:

    ‘Blood Money, ok.. What about the Female repoter ASSULTED in the middle east, what dose she get??

  7. Damnskippy says:

    I too was taken aback by her words. she was incredulous that just 2 million $ was all a Pakistani life was worth. Also she couldn’t wait for hubby to come home so he could watch her son while she went to get a pedicure.

    A typical highlands ranch hen.

  8. OMAR says:

    Pakistani people have always appreciated American tourists..American tourists have came and enjoyed our culture, our food our hospitality etc..Following you tube video is one example

    But thanks to this CiA contractor and drone attacks, people in Pakistan have always hated American Government policies towards Pakistan and this incident would only create more Anti American sentiment.
    Families of the victims were forced to accept blood money at gun point. Thanks to corrupt Pakistani politicians. But hats off to American government who came and took their man. Pakistani government failed.

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