DENVER (CBS4)- Many restaurant owners in the Denver metro area are raising money for Japan in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsumani.

Visit for the latest on the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Many restaurant owners have personal reasons for helping. The owner of Sonada’s at 6th and Broadway has experienced a tsunami and knows what the damage is like. David Tjahyadi is donating 10 percent of proceeds from Tuesday and Wednesday to the Japanese Red Cross.

“I’ve been working with Japanese people for more than ten years. They have always been in my heart. When they have troubles, I help them. I came from Indonesia and a few years ago we had a tsunami. Japan was one of the countries to help me out, so I am going to help my country,” said Tjahyadi.

The owners of the Sushi Den on Pearl Street are donating ten percent of its proceeds from meals this week to the Japan relief effort. The owners have three restaurants and are donating from all of them.

Some employees have family in Japan struggling in the aftermath of the devastation. Donation boxes are also set up inside the restaurants where they’ll stay for about a month.

The Japan-American Society of Colorado is working with Gov. John Hickenlooper’s office and the Consulate General of Japan. The society has raised several thousand dollars for the people of Japan.

United Airlines is rewarding those who donate to the Red Cross with airline miles.

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