Written by Brian Maass
CBS4 has learned that the City of Denver has fired two veteran police officers accused of lying about a chase. Multiple sources tell CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass that the City fired Officers David Torrez and Jose Palomares Monday.

torrez david Denver Fires Two More Officers

David Torrez (credit: Denver Police Dept.)

Both Officers were assigned to District 4 in southwest Denver.

Sources said the officers had been involved in a chase, but lied about some portions of the pursuit. Departing from the truth is seen as a serious offense, punishable by dismissal.

palomares jose Denver Fires Two More Officers

Jose Palomares (credit: Denver Police Dept.)

Torrez began his career with the Denver Police Department in 1986. Palomares had been with the department for 11 years.

One police contact, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he believes the officers intend to appeal their firings.

Comments (23)
  1. Ron Jenkins says:

    Denver fires 2 polices officers but what about the criminal??
    The officers should have gotten a month without pay, not termination!
    Reasonableness and totality of the situation should be of a higher concern than omission of chase details!
    They were chasing a criminal!!

    1. flattop_62 says:

      “Alleged” criminal you twit! Innocent until proven guilty is a basic right of all individuals. Given DP’s track record lately, I would be nervous too about pulling over for them. Might be inviting a beat down for just asking “why?”

      1. druid0621 says:

        If you’re running, you are NOT an alleged criminal – regardless of legal niceties. But I agree that our LE community leaves much to be desired. I have little sympathy and virtually no respect for our police department. I know too many people who were arrested on bogus charges, jailed – and then, after bail is posted, the charges are magically dropped. LE is a revenue producer – not a protector. “Protect and Serve” has become “Bully and Exploit.”

    2. carson says:

      Ron Jenkins, the criminal was probably charged and will spend time in jail. Maybe a felony? The cops only got fired, but they were criminals themselves for lying. Just because the cops were chasing a “criminal” doesnt put them above the law. Cops can be criminals just as easily as civilians. No one is above the law.

    3. carson says:

      The “criminal” they were chasing will very likely have been charged immediately. The cops don’t even get charged for lying on a police report which is perjury.

    4. Sarcasticon says:

      This is what society has come to? You think it’s okay for a cop to lie when filing a report? I’m a big supporter of law enforcement, and good cops are soiled by lying, cheating bad ones. You better hope a bad one never hits you with a SAP and lies about his justification for doing so. Please tell me you don’t vote.

  2. carcid says:

    What happens when you lie?….you destroy the very same laws that you have sworn to uphold…..you have been given the responsiblity to uphold that very same law in which you have broken. everybody should be held accountable to the laws that govern this state especially the people in trust!

  3. Rusty Shackelford says:

    The story doesn’t state if the “chase” was only a few blocks or a few miles; or what charges (if any) were filed against this “criminal”. That would make a difference. I understand the brothers in arms mentality but perhaps there is more to the story that we don’t know.

    1. Chris says:

      This is true.. I mean really what more could we possibly need to know? They were involved in a chase and lied about it… What could they tell us or report on that would change the fact THEY LIED? It don’t matter if the suspect jumped out nude and ran through cheeseman park yelling ” I’m a naked super hero”… The story here is not about the suspect its about 2 cops who were busted for lying and lost their jobs because of it… Start, middle and end of story.

  4. Ryan says:

    Perjury is only if they lied under oath.

    1. Todd Prang says:

      They ARE under oath when they write a report because they are wearing a badge.

  5. fred says:

    DPD are juat another gang of thugs, I say clean house and start again.

  6. MaaddMaaxx says:

    When they put their names and signature at the bottom of a police report they are swearing that this is true. It IS perjury. The forms that I have seen say in fact “I swear that the above statements are fact”

  7. Denver Reviewer says:

    So, what no one is asking…. How many other reports have these fired officers falsified, and how many people have gone to jail as a result? Who is conducting a review of previous reports, arrests and convictions?

  8. PittBull says:

    dirty ass rotten thugs with bages…

  9. Mr. Hardy Har Har says:

    You Denver morons

  10. koali says:

    i guess they can’t say what parts of the chase they lied about because of the appeal process. Not a very clear informative article. Just that these long term cops got fired. That is news. Never would happen in Portland Oregon where eveyrthing they do is OK.
    The lower one looks like that guy from the Purple Rain movie that hung out with Prince. You know who I am talking about. The top photo makes me just laugh. I guess I am getting older and people look funny to me.
    They’ll get a nice settlement.

  11. bob says:

    Denver P.D. is a pack of nepotistic thugs, as are their Arapahoe county sisters. Also, why is it that only gay men and cops have the mustache?

  12. Jess Smith says:

    looks like Denver police officers can beat people unnecessarily but don’t lie in a report ????guess I know what the priorities are now !!!

  13. denvervet says:

    Believe me there is A LOT more to this story, these cops must have had other infractions also. I can’t imagine what kind of a lie would get them fired in a chase of a runner! There’s more to this…………dig 4 news!

  14. Denver dude says:

    Funny how everyone seems to complain about the police but in a crisis situation they are the first ones everyone crys to for help. In a world were Priests are touching childeren, I doesn’t surprise me officers are not perfect. Denver Police have to deal with the the garbage of Colorado. Everyone is saying they are bullies…..why are you in contact with them in the first place?

  15. Tired of It says:

    Finally a police department we can start to respect for setting a standard for their officers, instead of covering up their misdeeds. Officers should be the best of the best, not a pack of criminals with badges. Far too many police departments are filled with these criminals in uniform and it is time they were all rooted out and terminated or jailed. No more slap on the wrist and a pat on the back when nobody’s looking.

  16. wts says:

    I support the firings though I hate to see these men pay a high price for bad decisions . Cops have to uphold a higher standard. In the US military a well established principle is that one cannot lie to a superior-period. Once that happens routinely, a functioning military is impossible. Cops are similar-if they lie to their bosses, how can we have confidence that cops have integrity under oath or when talking to their other bosses, the public?

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