DENVER (CBS4) – A newborn caused quite a fright for her parents when she just couldn’t wait to get to the hospital. She was born in their SUV Monday morning. On Tuesday mother and father shared their wild ride.

“She was ready to come out, couldn’t wait; she’s healthy,” mother Shereace Juarez said.

Little Angelique was definitely in a hurry. Juarez is no stranger to having a baby — Angelique is her fifth child — but still it was a surprise.

“In just like 20 minutes, it happened really quick; it was scary,” Juarez said. “‘(I said) she’s coming, pull over, call the ambulance, I can’t wait.'”

That’s when father, Carlos Gonzalez, pulled over at 6th Avenue and Knox Court and delivered his daughter — but there was another fright.

“She just came out. I checked her up and grabbed her and cleaned her off,” Gonzalez said. “She was crying and the umbilical cord was tied around her neck and I just pulled it off gently and made sure she was alright, breathing still.”

baby born Parents Talk About Delivering Baby On Side Of Road

An image from Copter4 (credit: CBS)

Firefighters and paramedics were on the scene in just a matter of minutes, but the paramedics said all the hard work was done.

“All the work was done by the time we got there. She did all the work. She gets all the credit, not us,” paramedic Steven Foster said.

Still Juarez and Gonzalez were happy to see the crew and look forward to telling Angelique about her unusual delivery.

“She’s going to be excited when she’s older to hear about the story — dad delivered her,” Juarez said.

Juarez and Gonzalez said if Angelique had been a boy they likely would have named her “Knox.”
space Parents Talk About Delivering Baby On Side Of Road


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