DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police were sifting through a lot of evidence where a man was found shot to death.

Crime scene tape surrounded the home in the 2800 block of West Vassar Avenue Saturday morning. Officers were collecting evidence. There were dozens of bullet holes in the home and the SUV parked in front.

Police rushed to the scene just after 4 a.m. When they arrived they found a man dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Comments (3)
  1. Ryan says:

    Whoever did this left a 2 year old boy without a dad. These murderers need to be caught.

  2. Free to speak says:

    Thats where one of my good friend lived and she also passed away, from other things, that place should be torn down. I feel for the family, Another tragedy. always wondered if someone lived in the back yard secretly, I would not go back there at night and it was my friends back yard. Makes you wonder, living so close to where a life was taken makes you think twice that is any place safe?

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