LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – The budget problems for students in Jefferson County have gotten worse.

Last month Jeffco Public Schools estimated they would lose $37 million with the cuts to education announced by Gov. John Hickenlooper. Now the district says it will lose nearly $40 million in funding.

On Tuesday night parents and teachers were at a meeting in Lakewood where business and political leaders addressed the economic and educational realities for Jefferson County.

Parents and educators say this is an eye opening situation and are now looking at options to solve the budget problem.

“Other than asking for more money, we need our community to come together,” parent Kelly Johnson said. “We need to get behind our schools, we need to be a supportive group.”

Superintendent Cindy Stevenson says how those cuts will be determined will be announced on Friday. It’s likely class sizes will grow and some jobs will be lost.

“I think all those people need to have a dialogue and make a determination about what kind of schools do we want in Colorado,” Superintendent Cindy Stevenson said.

There are also several future meetings planned to try and work out the solution to the budget crisis.

Jeffco Public Schools is the largest school district in the state.

Comments (12)
  1. Mk says:

    lay off 5% of the fat cats at the “top”

    1. K G says:

      I agree Mk, but we should ask for 10 % and then maybe we’ll get 5 %.

  2. K G says:

    Is Hickenpoopers goal to bring the suburban school districts down to the Denver level? This is just the beginning of his madness.

    How about lifting some of the resrictions on oil and gas exploration and bring them back to Colorado, Ritter ran them off with fees and restrictions and lost thousands of jobs.

    How about accountability. Make every student show proof of citizenship and their parents must show proof of citizenship. Cut out all entitlements! No free lunchs or breakfasts. If liberals want to pay for the illegals to eat for free then set up soap lines out side the schools and pay for it yourselves. Be a good volunteer!!

    1. cass says:

      Absolutely. You have students attending school , but no money from them via taxes, then there’s nothing for those who pay. It’s basic math. But our dear illegal loving governor will do nothing to help the taxpaying citizens. He really has told us all where to go.

      1. DBLUEI51 says:

        YES THEY ARE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THE ILLEGALS THEN OUROWN PEOPLE GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE!The fact is, that America is not to blame for the poor of the world as so many like to paint it. We take one million people every year, that is astounding, and still there are more poor. The pivotal statement in this video is, “…those with the where-with-all to enact change in their own countries find immigrating to our country more enticing…”GOOGLE GUMBALLS- IMMAGRATION TO FIND OUT THE REAL TRUTH!

  3. Janeatte Strong says:

    KG you are on the money! Time for the CITIZENS to demand that resources be dedicated to their children, not those from south of the border. Get rid of the illegal parents and their children will follow — and Colorado can finally get back to funding the education of those who SHOULD be educated in the state!

    DEMAND IT FROM OUR POLITICIANS AND LEADERS! Mr. Hickenlooper, you are indeed a disgrace and I imagine you and your illegal-loving wife (and her book of fiction claiming to be non-fiction) will do nothing to do what’s necessary in this regard. Shame on you and the lefties in government who wish to take more from the citizens of the state while doing nothing to deal with the real problem that impedes funding!

  4. AE says:

    My wife is a teacher in Jeffco. What is being reported is only the tip of the iceberg. Do all of you know that Colorado ranks 49th in school funding? Hickenlooper is obviously determined to get down to 50th. Has he even had a fleeting though as to cutting budgets’ in other areas where pork & misuse of funds is rampant, of course not? The state is spending jeffcos budget shortfall on a road to nowhere. That’s right; HUNDREDS of millions of dollars on a road to a piece of land that “might be developed” in the future. Come on, our elected officials are so out of touch it’s unexplainable in words.
    My wife arrives at her school at 7:15 am and finishes around 5 pm every day. Then she spends another 3-4 hours grading and planning after our children go to bed. Sure let’s up class sizes to 35 students, that way it will be even harder to actually teach kids anything. CSAP time is upon us, this test only judges schools & teachers not children. Guess how hard kids try to do well on this test when they know it has no bering on them what so ever. That’s right, they couldn’t care. Especially the ones who are sent to school as free day care where meals are provided. We need to wake up, this is the future that is being thrown away!!!! If we don’t take action soon there will be no future for this country as we know it.
    Approve the bonds for schools!!!! You see tax increase but if you actually take the time to read what the bonds actually do you find that it is only an increase in property tax. This increase translates to around $8 annually for a home valued at $200,000. Really people wake up. This is nothing, skip a couple starbucks over a year and you’ve paid for your “tax increase”. These bonds being approved by voters would make a huge impact on our public school system. Then there’s the other option; let this continue as it is, and there will be no public school. All schools will be charters where parents have to pay significantly more than the nominal fees public school now costs.
    Lastly those who have commented above are right on the money. Our public school system spends nearly 30% of its budget on “free & reduced”. Most (not all) of the kids on free & reduced are not citizens of this country, nor do they speak English. Just another expense for the tax payer, translators in schools. American kids are supposed to learn a foreign language in school, not the native language of the country, duh! It’s simple, prove citizenship or don’t attend public school.
    Let’s be the change that we want to see, otherwise there will be no change!

  5. John says:

    Nobody except a few on these posts ever admits what the problem is.
    The problem is Illegal Immigration sucking our tax dollars dry in many ways.
    All this BS about the budget is not going to improve until we get rid of entirely too many leaches we have bleeeding the system dry.
    Why we allow the government and the bleeding hearts to get away with this is beyond me.
    Illegalk immagration may not be the entire problem but Iit is a huge part.
    Seems to me that would be a good place to start but nobody wants to do it.
    Nobody wanted Tancredo for Governor so live with this ohter guy.
    Repeat after me “It will not get better until we stop paying for people who do not belong here”
    Try repeating that to yourselves 10 times, then convince your friends and have them convince their friends.
    If not just expect things to go downhill.
    The only way we can do this is together and since the word “United” went out our window a long time ago I don’t see much chance of that.
    Most people only care about themselves and the rest of society can eat??? well you know?
    It won’t change beacuse we won’t make it.

  6. Steven B says:

    I grew up in the jeffco school system and I remember class sizes of 32 – 40 students with only one teacher. my parents were not wealthy and I took peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and an apple for lunch when we could not afford school lunches. my freinds and I studied hard and we all turned out just fine. get rid of all the freebies and illegals, eleminate all the free teacher in service days, and have the kids go to school starting the day after labor day and end the school year at memorial day, this will cut down on heating and air conditioning and janitorial / maintenance. my kids tell me their high school has one principle and two vice principles, WHY? and more than one councelor per grade, WHY?

    1. AE says:

      I also remember large class sizes while in the jeffco school system. The difference these days is children are out of control. Do you remember 10-15 kids in class that were “behavior problems” & had to be reprimanded and asked to re-focus every 20 minutes? (Mind you these are generally the “free & reduced” kids). Not me, there were only a rare few of those types of children. This makes it very difficult to keep a class on track, especially when the numbers creep even higher.
      I completely agree with your comments regarding all the freebies and unnecessary administration staff. I too came from a very low income house hold, the difference is our parents were proud & hard working. They did not want handouts, unlike the lazy people who don’t want to work and want government handouts & illegal’s who get paid under the table then get government handouts on top.

  7. Teach Your Children Well says:

    Are you people serious. You really want to stop feeding and educating children in need. Yeah, that will really help our system. Face the facts, this country was built on immigration and there will always be immigrants here. And most of you seem to think every students of a different color is and “illegal”, it’s just not the way it is. Immigrants are not the reason kids are ‘out of control’ these days. It is a combination of over-analyzing everything these days (students are not as ‘out of control’ as you all seem to think they are) and the fact that more parents do less parenting than they used to. If you all think ‘illegals’ should pay taxes or get less tax money, then go after the adults and leave the children out of it.
    Furthermore, class sizes in Jeffco were never 32-40 students. You memory is letting you down. And I also grew up in Jeffco and my friends and I all went to college, but first off, most Jeffco kids go to college, and second, students who go to college tend to hang out with other students who go to college… it doesn’t mean that all students go to college.
    Really though, there shouldn’t be any education budget cuts. Knowledge is going to be all this country has at some point (since it is the only thing we cannot export). Find somewhere else to make budget cuts, like wars this country doesn’t want. I am actually a bit surprised to see that Obama is one of the few politicians that is actually saying this and pleading with states to leave education out of their budget cuts.
    Lastly, AE, it is rare to see bloggers that actually understand what is going on in school as well as you do. However, blaming immigrants for the problems is deplorable, and if your wife agrees with these views, then she shouldn’t be a teacher anywhere.
    I have always loved Jeffco and been proud to grow up and teach here, but reading that 7 of the 8 bloggers to this article are obvious bigots makes me ashamed to be a part of this district.

  8. MD says:

    Issues with education all start witlh the parents. Out of control children and poor scores are the results of parental laziness. If parents took the time to instill the importance of education and made sure that all homework was completed even with less funding our children would be well educated. It is the same laziness that has resulted in the PC crowd changing school policy to teach down instead of up. Parents in this country want their children educated with the same lack of involvement as ordering a latte at Starbucks.

    Though I am not in favor of cutting funding for K – 12 education there are other answers to educating our children.

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