DENVER (CBS4) – Everything is on sale at Saks Fifth Avenue from the mannequins to the cashmere. The store in Cherry Creek is closing in just a little over a week and prices are slashed up to 80 percent.

Even people who have never shopped at Saks before were loading up on the deals. There are some not-so-fancy file cabinets on sale, and naked mannequins must go too.

“These chairs are $25,” Cynthia Petrus with Saks Fifth Avenue told CBS4’s Suzanne McCarroll.

The store’s fixtures are also for sale. And then there are $19 bras. Customers who seldom if ever shopped Saks are stocking up this week.

“I don’t know anybody who wouldn’t like the prices better now, because it’s the same quality merchandise for a lot less,” a customer said. “But it’s sad to see Saks go.”

The designer clothes with the fancy labels are at bargain basement prices since the doors close for good in just a week and a half.

“We’re selling out to the walls, we’re liquidating everything,” Petrus said.


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