Written by Brooke Wagner

DENVER (CBS4) – Here’s a little bargain news to cheer you up during these gray days!

There are stellar deals to be had on outerwear right now. I found snow pants for my kids for $4.25 at Target last weekend. I stocked up on several sizes. Two-packs of knit gloves were 50 cents! This is the time to stock up on cold weather wear. Put items in a box or bag with a clear label for next winter.

I don’t know if it’s my maternal instinct, or maybe it’s just “my thing,” but I always buy too many bundle-up clothes for my kiddos. I never want them to be cold! You should see how many pairs of snuggly pajamas they have. Gloves and hats get lost so easily, the kids eventually end up wearing most everything I buy, but the extras are nice to have for coat drives.

Also at Target, for a little cheap indulgence; clearance Sally Hansen nail polishes were 51 cents and I bought a 1 oz. perfume for $2.31. The selection will dwindle quickly, so check it out, if you have time.

This is a good month to buy lawn and garden items, and most stores are starting to get spring items in stock and even putting them on sale. Only a few more weeks and spring will be here!

Happy bargain hunting – let me know about your finds, and don’t forget about the CBS4 Deal of the Day!

  1. Matt Beck says:

    There is a great palce in fort collins for bargains called The Bargain Hunter, they sell hunting,fishing and camping gear at prices below retail. check them out.

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