Written by Paul Day
SUPERIOR, Colo. (CBS4)- While other towns purchase wind credits, one Colorado community is seriously talking about buying its very own commercial sized wind turbine.

“The board adopted a goal in 2008 to be energy neutral in 10 years,” explained Matthew Magley, the Town Manager of Superior.

The Front Range community is committed to off-setting all the town’s energy needs with renewable energy by 2018.
space Town Of Superior Aims To Be Energy Neutral In 10 Years

They’ve already installed energy-saving lights bulbs at the Town Offices.

But more impressive are the occupancy sensors that turn off the lights on or off based on whether they’re in use.

A close look at the town’s outdoor lighting fixtures reveals another energy-saving strategy.

All the traffic signals and municipal parking lots have been converted to LEDs.

The biggest power hog in the entire town, the waste water treatment plant, is also getting a makeover. Also soon to be gone are obsolete blowers.

The new energy saving replacements will save the town 30 percent on its annual energy bill.

A 10 percent reduction in electrical needs has already been achieved by purchasing and installing dozens of solar panels.

It’s costing Superior hundreds of thousands of dollars to make these energy saving investments now, but the Town Council expects big dividends in the future.

“Any way we can improve the environment and still watch the taxpayer’s dollars we’re going to do,” said Magley.

In a fascinating view of what the future holds, the town’s just installed two new charging stations for electric vehicles.

For the next six months, the stations are free as a way to encourage renewable energy.

There’s even talk of converting the community owned Ford Escape Hybrid to all electric power.

That way, they’d never pay for gas.

After tooling around, the battery powered SUV could be plugged in and topped off at the charging station in front of the town offices.

Comments (2)
  1. Craig says:

    Love to see a follow up on this in a couple of years and see ” actual savings”.
    If they were to report them.

  2. Brenda says:

    Way go go, Superior, Colorado! Wonderful investment into cleaning our environment, reducing costs, and saving energy! Wind is free. Commercial-sized turbines last up to 25 years. Way to go! 🙂

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