With the recent news of another celebrity expected of having an addiction problem, many are wondering what they would do if they had to deal with an addiction issue in their family.

Metro State Psychology Professor Travis Heath says, it’s not the addiction that’s the real problem.  It’s what’s causing the addiction in the first place that needs to be dealt with. Otherwise, the person will always fall short of their goal.  Prof Heath says, that’s why addiction is a family issue…not an individual issue.

It’s really tough watching Charlie Sheen (who denies he has an addiction problem) talking about what is and isn’t going on in his life on the various talk shows.  There seems to be a sense of exploitation taking place.  I hope Sheen gets help before it’s too late. 

For those who want to help themselves or a family member with an addiction problem, check out the links below.


For more information about Society of Addiction Counselors, click below…


  1. Metro Student says:

    Dr. Heath is awesome! He could teach psychology to a monkey if given 24 hours. Best teacher I have ever had for any subject.

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