BURLINGTON, Colo. (AP/CBS4) – A 12-year-old boy questioned in the double homicide of his parents is now in police custody. He appeared before a judge in Fort Morgan Wednesday evening.

The case has been turned over to District Attorney Robert E. Watson with the 13th Judicial District. There are no other suspects in the Burlington homicides, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

It all started with a 911 call from the 12-year-old inside the home located at 783 Lowell just after 6:48 p.m. Tuesday.

When officers arrived he told them that shots had been fired. Police found the boy’s parents, Marilyn Long, 51, and Charles Long, 50, dead. They had been shot.

Two of the Longs’ other children, a girl, 5, and a boy, 9, were flown to a Denver hospital in critical condition after being seen at the Regional Medical Center. They are expected to survive. Detectives will not say how the children were harmed.

Wednesday evening, friends gathered with candles outside the Long home.

Colorado Bureau of Investigation Division Director Steve Johnson released a statement Wednesday afternoon during a news conference in Burlington.

“As a result of the investigation we have conducted so far, we are here this afternoon to announce that the twelve-year-old family member who placed the 911 call from the residence has been taken into custody. The case has been referred to the District Attorney’s office for the filing of formal charges,” said Johnson. “There are no other suspects at this time. Again, we do not think that there is any further risk to the community.”

0302111043a 12 Year Old In Custody After Deaths Of Parents

( credit: CBS)

Neighbors are shocked because they describe the Longs as a model family.

“They’re good people, you know. They’re, as far as I know, they’re productive members of the community. I wouldn’t expect to have this happen to them,” said neighbor Josh Schlichenmayer.

“I don’t think any kid should have to go through what those kids went through,” said family friend Lloyd Rodriguez. “It surprised me knowing that they were very nice and very well respected kids. They are church goers, they’re real Christian, they go to church.”

The family’s pastor told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger the 12-year-old worked as a greeter at the church.

Charles Long drove a FritoLay truck for a living. Neighbors said he would give away free chips to the neighborhood kids.

frito lay truck 12 Year Old In Custody After Deaths Of Parents

The FritoLay truck Charles Long drove before he was shot and killed. (credit: CBS)

Charles was also an avid acoustic guitar player and wrote a blog called “Long’s Health and Fitness.” In it he wrote, “I’m a husband and father of seven who works hard to provide for my family and stay in shape.”

Police said the Long parents, along with their children ages 12, 9 and 7, lived in the home. They also had other children who had grown and moved out of the family’s home.

The investigation is a joint effort involving the Burlington Police Department, the Kit Carson County Sheriff, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the 13th Judicial District Attorney.

0302111041a 12 Year Old In Custody After Deaths Of Parents

(credit: CBS)

Marilyn and Charles Long had seven children. Charles maintained a blog online called Long Health and Fitness. Neighbors told CBS4 that the Longs have been actively involved in the church and that they were a great family. Charles said in his blog that his favorite book is the Bible.

Burlington is a town of about 3,700 people near the Kansas border.

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Comments (23)
  1. Linda says:

    What is happening to kids these days? What a shame that this has to happen again.

    1. Michelle says:

      Kids today have no respect for their parents its so sad. Drugs also play a huge role. Now these kids have no Mom and Dad so very sad!

    2. Tom says:

      What’s wrong with kids today was the subject of an impassioned essay–by an ancient Greek writer… Nevertheless I hope this one is seriously punished,.

  2. Jazmin says:


    1. Tracy Pischke says:

      you don’t have a clue……don’t believe everything you hear

    2. Tina M. says:

      Wow all you can say is that? Have some sympathy and compassion instead of pointing fingers!! This is terrible if you didn’t see it or hear it don’t spread it with your small mouth!

  3. Jason says:

    This happens to Mormon families. They have so many children that AT LEAST one of them feels left out and unloved. I lived next to a family with 8 kids and one of them set fire to the house with all of them in it. Plus having a gun readily available to anyone, especially a kid, is just insane.

    1. Michael says:

      just so you know!This is a close friend of mine that i consider family! and has served by my side over seas. Aperciate if you had a little sympathy for what he is going through.

    2. Melissa-Missy Sessions-Jepperson says:

      WOW…really Jason? Here’s a clue…IT HAPPENS TO ALL KINDS OF FAMILIES! I’m Mormon and there are only 3 kids in our family and I was blessed with only 1, so DON’T ASSUME you know anything about what we believe because you lived next door to a family one time.

      I would also like to know where it said this family was Mormon? I didn’t see that anywhere. NOT that that has anything to do with this tragedy! As a matter of fact, if you watch the videos, the 2 churches that they belonged to were NOT Mormon churches. So, your statement was not only sickening, but it was also INCORRECT!

      Being a human being SHOULD dictate kindness and love in this time of grief for so many, not casting judgments and speaking about things you obviously know VERY little about.

      RIP to the Long parents, may God bless and protect the rest of the family. May the truth come out and may this 12 year old receive the help he obviously needs.

      SO sad.

  4. D says:

    I had a hunch it was him. What is happening to our world?

  5. rick says:

    Mormon families? Jason is your last name left-field because that’s where your comment came from.

  6. Mike says:

    The bible does very bad things to people.

  7. DudeistAgenda says:

    Know God Know Problems
    No God No Problems

    1. Adam says:

      No God Know Problems
      Know God No Problems

      Works both ways dude.

  8. Christa says:

    I think now is the time to reflect on yourself and your own behavior. A family is broken and mourning, a community is trying to comprehend this sadness. Now is not the time to blame peoople’s beliefs, question people’s beliefs, or make statements as though you know the situation. Sympathy in a time of grief would go a long way in making this world a better place.

    God bless the Long family.

  9. Dave says:

    This was a tragedy! I hope that the rest of the family are ok. I knew this family years ago and they were the kindest people. God look over Marilyn and Charles and the rest of the Long family.

  10. jr says:

    please if you dont know the whole story dont comment on what happend.my friend who is still in the army had to hear about his parents getting killed..lets not talk about stuff yall dont know what really happend

  11. Michael says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. Such a tragedy!

  12. lisa says:

    Comment No 4. If you had a nunch it was him maybe you should contact the police. Obviously you know something of his character

  13. HonestAbe says:

    The boy apparently didn’t like his family anymore. So what?

  14. putup_or_shutup says:

    Who really knows what goes on with some families? “They were a model family”, oh really?

    PS – God bless you Christa.

  15. Jason Collins says:

    12 year old boys just don’t go and kill their parents for no reason. I would be willing to stake my life on the fact that there was some form of abuse going on in the home. I think it is more likely than not that he killed his dad because his dad was molesting him and his mom because she knew and she wasn’t doing anything about it. If that isn’t the reason you can bet that is was something just as serious. Nobody but the kid knows the reason at this point but it will come out sooner or later.

  16. silvia says:

    I dont think he has idea what he did, Probably he think is like a game die and wake up, but is a done deal. He is just a kid. Its coming so much trouble for him.Also the other two kids with out parents. my prayers for this family

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