DENVER (CBS4) – At last momentum seems to be building in the job market. A national business group says companies are planning to hire more people this year than they have in a decade.

What’s exciting is that a number of different industries are hiring — technology, retail, advertising, non-profits and education. Finally job seekers are getting some action.

Five months unemployed and it was just January and Stephanie Nelson finally landed a job.

“This job, ironically enough, was posted on Craigslist,” said Nelson, who landed a job with mGive in client relations.

It had been since 2009 since Patrick McIntyre had benefits and a full-time job.

“I was fortunate enough to run into someone I knew who knew from my work previously, and here I am,” said McIntyre, mGive Director of Business Development.

The job market is starting to loosen up. On Andrew Hudson’s jobs list website he’s posted more than 1,000 jobs for January and February — twice as many as last year.

“Definitely the banks are feeling pressure to free up some of that money companies that are wanting to grow or expand or even start,” Hudson said.

At Hudson’s job fair earlier this month Ashford University advertised for more than 500 new employees. The Integer Group posts seven to eight jobs a month on Hudson’s website.

“We’re not out of the woods yet. Job seekers have become more skilled in looking for a job, and what that does is it increases the competition for the talent,” Hudson said.

Job seekers know rejection.

“Even for jobs that I might be over-qualified for, I was having to do so much more research. Not just who the company is now, but how they got to where they are, the competitors, the staff,” Nelson said.

“There were a number of jobs which I applied where I thought they’d be insane not to talk to me, but I wouldn’t get so much as an acknowledgment of receipt,” McIntyre said.

Both McIntyre and Nelson work for mGive, a company that works with non-profit organizations to communicate and take in donations through text messaging. And yes mGive is still hiring.

McIntyre worked as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. asking for votes. Now he’s asking people to buy his product. He made a shift in jobs using the same skill sets.

When using the Internet in a job search, check it daily. Companies will take their ads down if they’re getting a lot of response before filling the job. And new jobs are constantly being posted.

Speaking of new jobs, Hudson has 106 new job postings this week.

Links: mGive | Andrew Hudson’s

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