Manner Of Death Not Released Because It May Jeopardize Investigation

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4)-The Douglas County Coroner has identified the two bodies found inside a home south of Castle Rock on Wednesday morning.

Preliminary results indicate that Amara Wells, 39, and Robert Rafferty, Jr., 49, were victims of homicide. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office does not want the cause of death released to the public because it may jeopardize the case.

bob rafferty Bodies Found Inside Douglas County Home Identified

Bob Rafferty (credit: Facebook)

Rafferty owned the home with his wife, Tamra. Amara Wells is Tamra’s sister-in-law.

The bodies were found at about 3 a.m. inside the home on Marlin Way Wednesday.

amara wells Bodies Found Inside Douglas County Home Identified

Amara Wells (credit: Facebook)

Detectives said there are no suspects, but they have some promising leads.

An arrest affidavit for Wells’ estranged husband, Christopher Wells, reveal a relationship that spiraled out of control over the last several months.

Neighbors said that Wells and her 6-year-old child had been living with the Raffertys after an ongoing situation with her estranged husband.

“Amara had been living with them since late summer. Again, family sticks together and they were there for her through a difficult situation,” said family friend Karen Loucks Rinedollar.

“Restraining someone away from their home and family. Hopefully that’s not what caused all this,” said Rafferty family friend Wade Goetz.

Court documents reveal that Amara filed a restraining order against Christopher last year. Recently, Amara contacted the Douglas County District Attorney’s office with concerns about Christopher’s escalating harassment through e-mails and text messages.

In a final message to the DA’s office at the end of January, Amara said she was “scared what the next level may be” and that “I am scared to live alone and feel like I am going to be harassed for the rest of my life and I just want this to stop.”

Investigators said Christopher Wells was arrested in El Paso County this week, before the homicides happened.

“He was brought to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office on a charge that was unrelated, domestic violence related,” said Douglas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Ron Hanavan.

Neighbors said Tamra, known to her friends as Tammy, was out of town on business, returning home when she heard about the double homicide in her home. The Rafferty children are away at college.

The people who live in the community still know little about what happened inside the home.

“That’s the hardest thing. Do we lock the doors, shut the windows?” said neighbor Leanne Roth.

Investigators continue to process the crime scene.

Comments (9)
  1. co worker says:

    Amara was such a wonderful person.

  2. Molly Hughes says:

    unbelievable news. I knew Bob and Tamra and can’t believe his life has ended in this tragic way. he was a wonderful person. Tamra, a piece of my heart is with you and the kids. I am SOOOOOO sorry for you loss. God Bless you and your family.

  3. Andy says:

    “It was a restraining someone away from their home and family. Hopefully that’s not what caused all this,” said Rafferty family friend Wade Goetz

    I’m not understandng this quote

    Very Tragic news, what happened to the 6 Y.O.?

    1. Valiant says:

      “It was a restraining someone away from their home and family. Hopefully that’s not what caused all this,” said Rafferty family friend Wade Goetz

      Typical liberal attitude….If you just try and understand, then nothing bad will happen. Naive to say the least…

  4. Laura Garbe says:

    The Rafferty’s had an amazing marriage that was inspiring to anyone in their presents. The way they spoke to one another and the depth of their connection was palatable. They are two of the most generous and genuine people I had the fortune to get to know. I unfortunately know all too well the struggles for Tammy, their kids and family ahead. My heart is open to them during their grieving, loss and with Grace, Love and time the hope of healing.

  5. Loretta Parker says:

    Tammjy, My heart goes out to you during this very tragic time.

    Loretta Parker

  6. Fran Materia says:

    I feel so sad for the loss of your loved ones. My prayers are with you and your family.
    Kim Henry’s mom in New Jersey

  7. Robert Messer says:

    Bobby and I were next door neighbors in the late 60’s and early 70’s. This is so shocking and stunning to my family, our thoughts and prayers go out to the Rafferty family in this very difficult time.

  8. Kerry Kline says:

    Tammy- I worked with both you and Bob appx 10-12 years ago when you were with National Accounts, and Bob was sales manager. We had just been talking about you a couple of weeks ago, and were going to try to re-connec with you. My husband passed in December suddenly, and if there is anything you need or support I can provide, please let me know. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family,

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