DENVER (CBS4)- Animal control officers in Denver want to know who threw away two dogs. Neighbors found the male and female chihuahuas in a dumpster near Sheridan and Alameda on Sunday.

The dogs are being cared for at the Denver Animal Shelter. The female is pregnant and is missing a back leg.

Mike Nunez and his son, Miguel, went into the alley behind their home to throw away some trash on Sunday, they found the dogs in the dumpster.

“I climbed in the dumpster and got the dogs,” said Miguel.

“They probably would have been squished in the trash truck,” said 2 Chihuahuas Rescued From Dumpster

Although scared, the dogs allowed Mike and Miguel to pick them up and take them inside. They gave the dogs food and water, and then called animal control officers.

“For them to be treated like that, it really breaks my heart,” said Nunez. “It makes me sad to see that people value life so little.”

The chihuahuas are getting used to being fed and consistent, constant positive care and nurturing at the shelter.

The dogs will be on hold for five days in case the owner may reclaim them. They could be held for longer if enough information about their situation is gathered to warrant an investigation.

The female will likely to go a small dog rescue so she can have her puppies before being adopted out. The male will probably stay at the Denver Animal Shelter and be available for adoption in a few days.

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  1. Melissa-Missy Sessions-Jepperson says:

    WAIT…THEY WILL BE HELD FOR 5 DAYS IN CASE THE OWNER WANTS TO RELAIM THEM?????? Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME???? I hope and pray that if they DO show up…they will get arrested and then tossed into a dumpster! SICK FREAKING PEOPLE!!!

    1. Amy says:

      the hold them just in case they were STOLEN and dumped. you don’t know what really happened. they have to investigate as to who and why someone dumped the dogs. i’ve been reading numerous stories lately were people get mad at other people and take it out on the pets. it’s sad. whoever is responsible should be punished severely, however.

  2. Christine Zipps says:

    I totally agree with what Melissa said – NO one who would do this deserves a second chance at these precious ones – at ANY other animal. May they all be protected from these heartless cowards.
    BTW, I plan to contact Mr. Nunez to thank him for caring and saving these and so many other animals. If he is willing to do an interview with me for my upcoming coffee table photo book project to benefit animal rights/welfare organizations, the focus is on what is being done to improve animal rights and serve justice upon the abusers. If any readers have something they feel they can contribute to this project, you are welcome to contact me by e-mail with ANIMAL RIGHTS BOOK in subject line.
    Thank you so much.

  3. Lindsay says:

    It would be so nice if these 2 dogs can be adopted together. They have been in an abusive home and been very traumatized. Please try to keep them together.

    1. DD says:

      I agree with you. I think they should also stay together.

    2. Randee Miller says:

      I would love to take them both, unfortunately I am in Florida… I hope someone will step up.. those poor babies deserve better…. There is a special place in hell for people that would do that to any animal!

    3. Theresa says:

      I agree you should try and keep them together. If I lived in Denver i would take them both.

  4. Stephanie says:

    I would LOVE to take both of these dogs, so they could stay together! I would also love to have the puppies!! Mr Nunez was right when he said that people value life SO little! For people to do this to innocent little animals is unacceptable, and these people need to be punished!!

  5. John Cunningham says:

    Mike Nunez 4 Hero of the DAY!!

  6. PJ says:

    I hate dogs. I’d fight a dog and run it over with my F-150. Animals are stupid. PETA’s stupid. Animal rights are stupid. Love, PJ

    1. John says:

      That is because you are a psycho loser PJ! Come to my house and let’s have a little chat about hurting animals you piece of cap!

    2. kelli says:

      Your an ass and your stupid and ignorant for even making a comment like that.

    3. Debra says:

      Maybe your the one who dumped them in the trash. Thats obviously where you should be. Why even reply to the story if you hate animals so much? I guess because your a sick sociopath. Crawl back under your rock you piece of human garbage.

    4. DD says:

      Why do they allow Morans to have computers. You are a piece of S…! Seriously go F… yourself

    5. DJ says:

      Seriously get a life. Why come on the computer just to talk like you have zero common sense. You are so stupid.

      1. Theresa says:

        PJ, you should be dumped in the dumpster you piece of trash.

  7. Katherine says:

    thank you Mr. Nunez you are most definitely a HERO & I’m sure the dogs would agree. If at all possible you should try to keep them together like Lindsey & Stephanie said, they have only had each other and now you want to separate them, that is tramatic.

  8. Kec says:

    Congraulations to Mr Nunez. You are a hero, thank you for caring

  9. Cristine Collier says:

    I agree that Mr. Nunez and his son are heros! I also think both dogs should go to a small dog rescue together and hopefully after the puppies are born both the mom and dad can be adopted out together. I wonder if someone was using these 2 dogs for backyard breeding and just decided to dump them for some reason. Maybe they lost their home and just dumped the dogs because they were no longer a cash crop. I’m just so glad that they will get the care they need now!

  10. Madison,wi says:

    God puts guardian angels on this earth for variest reasons, Mr. Nuez and to your son, I thank you. As a multiple chihuahua owner, these 2 dogs need to stay together, they have been through hell and back, and probably the only reason they are alive is the bond between them. Separating them will be very tramatic for them both, especially the pregnant one. If at all possible please keep them together they are bonded, dogs do suffer from separation anxiety especially small breeds like these two. Please adopt them out together. As for who ever did this to these two, if apprehended they should be punished to the fulliest extent. I lived closer I would get them myself.

  11. PupRescueIA says:

    The dogs could have been stolen from the owner and discarded by the thief. I see it happen all the time. The owner may or may not be the person who put them in the dumpster. WHOEVER did it is a waste of flesh, no argument…

  12. Angela says:

    Please try and keep the dogs together. They have been traumatized enough and shouldn’t have to go through the trauma of being separated. I’m all the way in California, but I would adopt those lovebugs in a heartbeat.

  13. Jennifer in Littleton says:

    Mr. Nunez, thank you so much for teaching your child compassion for animals. Children learn by example, and Miguel will grow up to be a compassionate adult. Thank you for setting the example for your son that animals are not throw-away items to discard when you are tired of them. I hope you are blessed beyond measure for what you have done.

  14. dantesinferno says:

    Keep the dogs together, dont seperate them. They have been through enough trauma.

  15. Jamie Seipel says:

    Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue has offered to take both dogs. They would be kept in afoster home, instead of a shelter. Once the puppies were old enough all of them, parents and babies, would be spayed/neutered, given their shots, etc, before being placed in a stable forever home. At this time we are just waiting to hear from Denver Animal Shelter.

    1. Lindsay says:

      Bless you Jamie! Thank you for taking both of these special dogs. I hope you can adopt the mom and dad to the same home so they don’t have to be separated.

  16. Pat Libhart says:

    As a volunteer for Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue, I can say we are all doing what we can to get Denver Animal Shelter to turn these dogs over to us quickly. Getting them into a loving foster home environment as quickly as possible is a priority of ours. They have already been through so much, we hate to see them have to spend even one more night in a shelter.

    1. Lynda Reisinger says:

      I strongly agree that Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue be given the chance to assist these little ones. I know first hand of their care, love & commitment to easy the pain of abused little ones by fostering in caring homes & searching carefully for loving forever homes. Keeping these 2 together would be wonderful as their bond should be considered in helping them recover from this horrible experience. Mr. Nunez & his son should be commended for their act of kindness. God bless them both! May those responsible be caught & prosecuted!

    2. Pam says:

      Rescuers are unsung heroes. Thank you for everything you do. I hope by this weekend these dogs are in a loving, warm home where the mama dog has a clean and safe place to give birth and where they will learn to trust humans. These two deserve lots of cuddling, healthy nutritious food, and love.

  17. Patti M says:

    That would be so wonderful if you can get the shelter to give both Chi’s to you. Poor dogs have been traumatized enough, they need each other and to stay together. God bless Mr. Nunez and his son for saving their lives, and your group for trying to get both dogs into your rescue.

  18. Mike Nunez says:

    Thank you all for your kind words and prayers for these little guys. It breaks my heart to think that people would do this to animals. But after reading all your comments, it’s great to know that there are caring people out there.

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