DENVER (AP) – Lawmakers gave preliminary approval to a bill requiring law enforcement to report to prosecutors a person they believe is in the country illegally, but only after the sponsor made big changes to his proposal.

The bill passed a House Committee Tuesday after Republican Rep. Mark Barker modified it to appease opponents who feared it would lead to discrimination.

Barker’s proposal initially lowered the legal standard of “probable cause” to a standard of “reasonable grounds” when deciding bail or whether to report someone believed to be in the country illegally. The bill now uses the probable cause standard.

Barker also removed language requiring judges to consider a person’s immigration status when setting bail.

House Bill 1088 would also make bail bond agents forfeit a bond if a client is deported. The full House now considers the bill.

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  1. connie says:

    its about time the usa gets tough on them they dont belong here send them back until they can come in and be legal and pay thier fair share of taxes here too just like the rest of us do

  2. mike swank says:

    genes comment was funny

  3. gene says:

    Wouldn’t want to discriminate against anyone breaking the law. They can discriminate by deliberately causing economic chaos, but hey according to la raza that’s fine and dandy.

    1. jv1962 says:

      Can’t you just hear the illegal advocates screaming Racists & Xenophobes.
      Jesse-Homeboywill be taking to the streets, calling CO the KKK & Nazi HQ’s of the West.
      No shocker here should this Bill go from to sixty to zero in nothing flat !!!

    2. mike swank says:

      that was funny keep up the good work

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