THORNTON, Colo. (CBS4) – Although they have asked for a rush on the order, Thornton police say it could be anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks before toxicology reports come back on Monica Ann Chavez to let them know if she had drugs or alcohol in her system.

Chavez is the mother of two who caused a fatal crash last week, instantly killing a family of five.

The crash happened at 84th and Grant Thursday night. The Stollsteimer family died instantly after Chavez’s SUV jumped two medians before crashing into their Chevy pickup, and then a mattress store.

The Stollsteimer family (credit: Facebook)

Chavez’s mother believes she a had seizure right before the accident, saying she has had one before. She also says her daughter was told by doctors at the hospital that her blood tests did not show any drugs or alcohol. But police have to wait for their own tests before they can make that determination.

Police will also have to investigate the seizure claim before deciding if there should be any charges filed. They said there were no obvious signs of alcohol after the investigating the crash site.

“If she didn’t get that properly checked out, or try to acquire the proper medication, that’s a risk on the road,” attorney Craig Silverman said. “Somebody with a seizure disorder needs to make the Department of Motor Vehicles aware and there’s a whole process for that.”

Doctors say it’s nearly impossible to determine if someone has had a seizure. Even if Chavez was prone to seizures, it could be very difficult to prove she had one right before the accident.

  1. Tom McNassor says:

    She will probably get sued. Even if she is not charged. I mean five people will have to get burried. What is that? I am sure that would be at least thirtyfive thousand.

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