Robber Used Duct Tape To Bind Teller

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Longmont continue to search for a bank robber who tied up an employee of the bank on Friday.

The robbery happened about 9 a.m. at an Academy Bank inside a Walmart store on the 2500 block of Main Street.

Police are using dogs to try to sniff out the robbery suspect in the neighborhood where he ran to. An investigator made plaster casts of evidence left along the robber’s trail.

Investigators said the robber threatened the 23-year-old employee with a knife.

“The suspect produced a bowie knife, took him into a back room of the bank, duct taped him and fled the bank with an undisclosed amount of money,” said Longmont Police Dept. Commander Jeff Satur.

It took 25 minutes before someone discovered the duct-taped victim. He was otherwise uninjured.

“The next employee who was working that day showed up. She opened up the office and found him in the office,” said Satur.

Investigators are viewing surveillance video of the robber.

The suspect is described as a heavy-set Asian or Hispanic man in his mid-20s. He’s about 5’6″ tall with a medium complexion, and an Abe Lincoln-style beard, with no mustache. The robber was wearing a large black Eskimo-type jacket with a fur-lined hood, black jeans and white tennis shoes.

Comments (4)
  1. Nancy the Nanny says:

    My gosh….. when are they going to close down these dangerous money dispensaries, look at all of the crime they’re causing! Geez, all this so some low lifes can have a safe place to keep their green, what’s the world coming to…. I wish they would just put a bubble over my suburban raised ranch so I wouldn’t be exposed to all the meanies out there! Let’s nip it in the bud!

    -Scared Citizen

  2. druid0621 says:

    Just a little turnabout-fair play, after what the banks have been doing to us all these years. Maybe there really is karma. Given the economic climate, I’m rather surprised there isn’t more of this.

  3. A Real Woman says:

    Wow nancy it must be nice to sit in your home and judge the rest of the world! I have an account at that bank not to mention another one at a credit union! I am not a low life, however if anyone that is not in your obviously small circle is than I will gladly accept that title! Are you concerned at all for the people involved? I know them personaly and they don’t deserve to go through this because of where their job is located. Maybe you should think about the fact that there was a crazy person running low on cash and that is where they ended up! It could have happened at your bank, then what would be your complaint?? Hope you pull your head out soon 😉

  4. Cindy says:

    Amazing that Walmart security would catch kids stealing in their store but not a bank robber !??! And then the poor teller being taped up for 25 minutes before being found. Crazy.

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