DENVER (CBS4) – Home Depot says it’s hiring for 800 jobs in the Denver area. The positions are described by the company as “temporary seasonal.”

The hourly pay is between $8.80 and $10.20. For successful applicants who get a foot in the door, good things can happen.

“They do have the potential of going part-time or full-time depending on what the stores needs are,” said Melissa Moore, a hiring supervisor for the Denver store at 500 South Santa Fe.

Moore says all 51 stores in the metro area are hiring for positions like cashier, freight handler and garden center worker.

“They have great training,” said Jiancarlo Ulloa, a recent permanent part-time hire at the Denver store.

space Home Depot Looks To Hire 800 Jobs In Denver Area

A recent arrival from Costa Rica with a work visa, Ulloa speaks Spanish as well as English. His bi-lingual talents help in his capacity as a customer relations specialist. Before he applied, he checked out the workplace

“I visit this store before and I like the environment, that’s important,” he explained.

The temporary seasonal positions the company currently needs to fill typically work about 20 hours per week for 120 days.

There’s already a lot of interest. Home Depot is expecting several thousand applications.

The application asks what stores applicants would be willing to work at. Moore says by marking as many as possible, it boosts the applicant’s odds.

Applications can be found at the job hiring kiosks at each store and online.

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Comments (4)
  1. jb80538 says:

    “A recent arrival from Costa Rica”

    I hope they check his immigration status….Not here legally..Go home

    1. goatmama says:

      Actually, I happen to know Mr. Ulloa personally and can verify that he IS in fact here legally… and as a country we are lucky to have the hard-working, generous Jiancarlos of the world.

  2. Juan Alarcon says:

    come on are you guys nuts showing a guy on a working visa? give me a break guys like that keep wages low 8.25 t0 10.25 look at the unemployment rate! I work in construction and can not find work because i have to compete with that!!!!! and i am born in the U.S.A.!!!!!!!

  3. Frank Grimes says:

    Maybe you could learn to speak your own language, Juan. I’m sure that would help you in your search for a job.

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