DENVER (CBS) – Washington Park in Denver was the site of a case of animal cruelty over the weekend.

Someone shot a goose with an arrow.

Suprisingly the goose didn’t seem to be in much distress.

A woman from a rehabilitation group has tried to catch the bird but hasn’t had any luck.

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  1. Marie Nadeau says:

    Just throw a net over the poor thing. It’s dying a slow death with each excrutiating step. I’ve seen people rush to ER for less than that. Put the poor thing out of its misery and pain. Maybe a mild tranquilizer.

  2. Michi says:

    If they gave it a mild tranquilizer they could capture it, remove the arrow and administer antibiotics. Why kill it if the can catch it? Good luck catching it.

  3. Sue Kelly says:

    Unfortunately, you cannot just throw a net over it. The geese are far too quick for that and they see you coming. We did try it though. Those of us there were strictly volunteering, no tax payer money was spent. The goose can be saved but we just could not catch him/her. Today was the first day that the Division of Wild Life finally showed up. I begged them to capture this sweet goose alive. I do not understand why they did not respond sooner. We don’t have a tranquilizer gun or the type of net that the DOW does. I hope they do the right thing.

  4. Kettering says:

    This morning around 11:00 AM I saw a goose wtih an arrow through it’s body walking through the park between Monaco and Holly on Cherry Creek Dr. South. Could it be the same goose? It’s very sad and disturbing to see. Surely there’s a way to help this goose!! SOON!!!!

  5. MaryJ says:

    Today is March 14th, and as I was eating my lunch in Garland Park on Holly and Cherry Creek Drive, I saw the goose. He is still walking, swimming, drinking, and eating just fine. So sad though. You can tell he just wants that thing out of him! When I saw him today, I had no idea he was spotted in the same condition at Wash Park over a month ago. He’s a survivor!

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