DENVER (CBS4) – George Gwozdecky and his staff didn’t have to go very far to recruit Drew and Nick Shore. The Denver kids are two very big reasons the University of Denver Pioneers are once again contenders for a national title.

Sophomore Drew, 19, loves having his freshman brother Nick, 18, as a teammate. Of course they do have a bit of a sibling rivalry.

“His acceleration is really pretty top-notch, but I’m actually probably a little faster,” Drew said.

“I’d say I have a much better shot,” Nick said.

“We’d probably both say we are stronger,” Drew replied.

Older brother Drew scored two key goals against Colorado College last weekend. They were critical in the Pioneers’ win. Still, he was cut absolutely no slack by his younger brother.

“Both of them were a little bit of puck-luck there,” Nick said. “I think one of the shots went off somebody’s shin pad, and the other one was a little bit of a tap-in, but he’ll take all that he can get, so a goal is a goal.”

“I tell him all the time they all count, so whether it’s a tap-in or a highlight reel goal, they all count,” Drew said.

Drew was good enough to be drafted in the second round in 2009 by the Florida Panthers. Nick will be eligible for the NHL draft this year and there is talk he could be a first-round pick.

space Denver Brothers A Big Reason For DUs Success At Hockey

Drew understands just how uniquely talented his kid brother is.

“I think his hockey sense is; it’s probably through the roof,” Drew said. “It’s probably one of the best hockey senses I’ve ever seen. And his ability to distribute the puck is pretty special. He also has a good shot.”

Nobody enjoys the Shore brothers more than coach Gwozdecky. He enjoys their excellent play on the ice as well as their unique personalities.

“Their approach to the game is different. Their approach to how they get ready for a game is different,” Gwozdecky said. “Where Drew is a guy who’s very locked in and passionate, and at times emotional during warm-ups; Nick is much more laid back. He’s not going to waste his energy until he steps on the ice … they have some disagreements on how they are supposed to warm up.”

Sometime in the not-to-distant future the brothers, who both play center, could be squaring off against each other for a faceoff in the NHL. In fact, it seems almost inevitable.

There are two more Shore brothers working their way up through the hockey ranks and it’s said they’re great players too. So the Shore hockey tree still has a long way to go.


shore brothers Denver Brothers A Big Reason For DUs Success At Hockey

Nick and Drew Shore (credit: CBS)


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