BOULDER, Colo (AP) –Students at the University of Colorado in Boulder plan a rally to support a bill that would extend in-state tuition to many Colorado students in the country illegally.

CU students will rally Wednesday in support of Senate Bill 126, which would grant illegal immigrants in-state tuition to the state’s colleges and universities if they have attended high school in Colorado for at least three years.

CU Democratic Regent Monisha Merchant was expected to speak at the rally.

Eleven states have passed legislation to grant in-state tuition for illegal immigrants, including California, Illinois, Kansas, New York and Texas.

Supporters say the bill in the Colorado Legislature would be a long-term investment in the state’s future. Opponents say it would reward illegal behavior.

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Comments (11)
  1. EPIC FAIL says:

    I wonder if these moronic students realize that they could be easily replaced by an illegal? How many of them are going to step aside for an illegal? Yeah none of these liberal idiots!

  2. dcm says:

    EPIC FAIL needs to be replaced with someone who has something important to say.

    1. EPIC FAIL says:

      As opposed to dcm’s drivel? I don’t even see a dissenting view here?
      Are you in favor of this? Would you withold college from your children in favor of an illegal?

  3. Honorable Veteran says:

    The key word here is “illegal”. We weaken ourselves as a nation when we turn a blind eye to existing laws. This is an insult to anyone who has fought for this country or has worked to gain legal status. Get legal status and then ask for in state tuition or change the name of this country to “United States of Whatever”.

    Get legal status or get out. Don’t support illegal status.

  4. Taxpayer Joe says:

    Just how can rewarding criminal activity become, in any way, shape or form, a long-term investment in Colorado? The way I see it, my Dad should have robbed a bank and then given me the procedes. I didn’t commit the crime but I certainly benefited from it. Go Home. NOW. I’m sick and tired of wasting time on illegal occupiers of this country.

  5. rich7837 says:

    How many of these rich, socialistic demonstrators, are willing to support all mexicans, here or in Mexico? Apparently all of them!

  6. Angry Liberal Parker says:

    I would have to say as a major liberal, I agree with everyone above. It infuriates me that illegals are getting the support of students to take away a dream from other students who are natural born or naturalized the chance of a lifetime to go to Colorado. I am extremely disappointed in the students of CU-Boulder.

  7. From Texas says:

    Why would we give illegals this benefit? If anyone, should be to U.S. Citizens. If illegals want our benefits, they should go through the right processes, become legal, and then take advantage of all the U.S. has to offer “legally”

  8. Peggmeister says:

    With our roads and bridges needing repair, States going bankrupt, teachers, police, firefighters with no raises, poor economy, having to build new prisons, rising gas prices, politicians not paying their taxes, home/buisness foreclosures, unemployment, the Feds may close 2000 Post Offices, poor veteran benifits, Social Security going under….need I go on???
    But we have tax dollars available for in-state-tuiton for Illegals. And I’ll go to jail for not signing up for Gov’t health Care. What a country!!!

  9. Scott says:

    Why give something to someone that is not even allowed to be here, when you will not even give this to our TROOPS?

  10. Kaylee says:

    All of you fools do not have a clue as to what any of you are saying.

    All of you that are posting on about how your tax dollars will fund this…


    Colorado spends 17.5 million dollars on educating k-12 students yet Colorado can never get that investment back due to the fact that students that graduate high school from Colorado cannot attend ( and pay in state tuition) at a Colorado college! Their in-state money will go towards that OTHER SCHOOLS in nearby states and will take their money elsewhere. GET A CLUE every other state boarding Colorado has this bill in place. THINK ABOUT IT!

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