FRISCO, Colo. (CBS4)-Some mountain towns are running out of places to put the piles of snow cleared from streets and parking lots.

City work crews are working overtime to keep those roads clear before the next storm.

“We’ve gotten nearly 10 feet of snow this season. Typically, we don’t see this much snow until March,” said Frisco Public Works Director Tim Mack.

In Frisco, front loaders are digging out from the last snowfall. They’re taking towering piles of snow that line the streets and over vehicles to a 9-acre storage facility.

“This year it has been a challenge because we have to haul quite a bit of snow. We need to keep the intersections clear for site distance and whatnot,” said Mack.

space Mountain Towns Search For Places To Put Snow

“Time is of the essence when we’re originally plowing,” said truck driver Shane Fisher. “It’s been a lot busier than the last few years that’s for sure.

Crews must work fast. Colorado’s two snowiest months are still to come.


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