DENVER (CBS4)- A lot of Coloradans are setting their alarms for 1 a.m. Thursday. They’re Verizon Wireless customers who want to be among the first to get their hands on the company’s first version of Apple’s iPhone.

Verizon Wireless boasts 94 million customers. Many of those are counting down until the iPhone goes on sale.

“I came in to see when they were going to start selling the iPhone,” said one Verizon client.

“Way better applications than the Blackberry,” said another.

For customers who sign a two year Verizon contract, the unlimited data plan is only $29.99. There are disadvantages to the Verizon plan, customers can’t talk and surf the internet at the same time. There will also be some limitations on its use outside the U.S.

“If you travel to a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) based country like China or Mexico, your phone will work there. If you travel outside CDMA based, we’ll give you a loaner phone at no cost for up to three weeks,” said Bob Kelley with Verizon Wireless.

The initial unlimited data plan is only for current eligible Verizon Wireless customers.

(Watch Suzanne McCarroll’s report in the video below.)

  1. Tommy Crist says:

    Why the big hurry? Iphone 5 comes out in June and now your locked in a contract. Not smart.

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