DENVER (AP) – Democratic lawmakers are making another attempt to pass a bill that would grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants in Colorado.

The proposal would allow illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition if they meet certain criteria, such as attending a Colorado school for at least three years and graduating from a high school in the state.

California, Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico and New York are among the states that have approved legislation allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition. Colorado lawmakers tried in 2009 to pass such a bill but it was killed in the Democratic-controlled Senate.

Supporters of the bill plan to talk about their efforts at the state Capitol Wednesday.

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Comments (14)
  1. Al Padalecki says:

    Why do illegals immegrants get such a priviledge when our own low income people cannot get this type of tuition backing? This is totally wrong and immoral.

    1. EPIC FAIL says:

      How about our own military and veterans.
      This is disgusting. Just goes to show you can’t teach a Democrat party member a thing. They will never look beyond thier own love of illgeals to to best for their own consitiuants.

  2. druid0621 says:

    No, no, no! Higher Ed takes enough of a hit – we cannot afford to subsidize those who are here illegally, and there’s no reason to increase taxes to fund this. What part of “illegal” don’t these people understand? Anyone voting in favor of this folly should never be returned to public office again.

    1. EPIC FAIL says:

      Wow CBS4 way to blast coments you don’t like out.
      “Anyone voting in favor of this folly should never be returned to public office again.” Agree with the poster that posted this earlier. Please remember this when Chris Romer askes for your vote.
      Why are the sponcers of this bill not named here?

  3. Jamie Mymern says:

    thats the stupid thing i;ve ever heard of send them back if there illegal. are own people can hardil go to collage because they can;t afford it. send themback home there illegals use your head

  4. UNKNOWN says:


  5. JRWolfe says:

    What part of the word ILLEGAL do our lawmakers NOT understand ??

  6. biscuits says:

    When are they going to understand that the illegals are just a parasite on the American way of life? Jobs health care education law enforcement name it and they do nothing but take away from resources that can be used for the people that actually pay for them!

  7. From Texas says:

    Just Ridiculous! Extremely disturbing that the Democrats want this. If anyone from out of state should get in state tuition benefits, it should be granted to other United states citizens! I hope this fails again

  8. EPIC FAIL says:

    And queue the liberal moonbats and race baiters in

  9. legal taxpaper says:

    Hopefully intelligent minds will prevail and this bill will fail. In-state tuition should not be allowed for people who are here illegally. Just because they have been here for years feeding off our broken welfare system does not mean we should further support them. We worked hard to put three kids through college, without assistance. If we give them in-state tuition they will also get aid because they are poor and WE will pay for their illegal education.

  10. jb80538 says:

    What’s to debate? People in the country illegally need to be removed from the eUS, not given college tuition at resident rates! They have been a drain on society far too long!

  11. Ray says:

    We had to go through all kinds of paperwork to get our son in-state tuition and we’re US citizens. It is crazy expensive to get a degree these days and our kids can only hope to get a decent paying job to pay off the mountain of loans they have accrued. If the illegals get in-state tuition will they also get financial aide? We “make too much money” to get a real break but they don’t take into account the fact that we have 3 collage students!

  12. granny says:

    We believe we are giving to much already to illegals as well as those that received amnesty and those that came in from overseas and took the American citizens job’s. We have seen what they are doing to us all and where all our money is going over seas and on all of the Obama’sParties and trips hotels building and vacations that are extravagant beyond any other President and wife,they are the most arrogant people in office and how they stay in is beyond a lot of us. Now the US dept.of education is giving grants to certain schools for Arbic to be taught to our young and their Histor and Language. what about makeing all these others speak -read- write our English now we’d save a bunch of money -instead of getting our teach to pusch are children to learn more and an extra language of their parents choosing not education dept or obama. They are trying to get us under UN control and Russia to get our Alaska wakke up folks colleges might be carrying weapons soon How do you like that we all should have a gun for protection only.Look up and see How many Jihadts Islamic Terrorist we have in America, we want our borders closed and English our officail Language now so we can stop pressing one and our Flag Fling on every business schools of all kind Hospitals-convelens home just every where Every President had a cross to bare but not like this one he is keeping Black Americans down and the Real Citizens of America for Lantino’s Muslims and whom knows whats next if every one don’t stand up and be heard for their childrens sake and your History and culture. God Bless America everyone that has been born here legally and those that payed to be with us stand up and don’t let them stop us from singing our holy song and those for Christmas and our National Anthem. No more mosqes in America or us building schools or saving money for them too travel cut the wges and perks for all in government.

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