“Carmelo Anthony wants what LeBron James and Dwayne Wade have, the fusing of individual talent for which there is no substitute in today’s NBA,” CBSSports.com Senior Writer Ken Berger writes in a new column.

Berger writes that “After the Nuggets played the Heat in Miami on Jan. 13, a nationally televised game with Anthony in the grips of this firestorm, Anthony spent a long time speaking privately with James and Wade. The conversation went on so long, sources said, that the Heat’s team bus was held up. Exactly what they talked about has remained private, but it’s not hard to figure out. They all share the same agents with Creative Artists Agency, and Anthony wants what CAA got for them.

Anthony’s situation is more complicated, because the money doesn’t come as easily with his decision as it did with LeBron’s and Wade’s. But the other pieces — the star teammate and the venue — can be had if Anthony plays this the right way.”

The Carmelo trade saga is entering what is most likely its final stretch. Read Berger’s column, complete with statements by Magic Johnson on the matter.


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