DENVER (AP) – The trial began Monday for a Denver police officer who appeared as a contestant on “American Gladiators” in 2008. She faces a civil trial in a federal lawsuit involving allegations of excessive use of force.

A lawsuit alleges that officer Vickie Ferrari roughed up the manager of a Grease Monkey and placed handcuffs on him so tight they caused nerve damage. The manager, David Krause, in June 2007 had asked Ferrari to move her police cruiser that was blocking traffic.

The jury was told he said, “Excuse me officer, you’re blocking our shop, killing our business.”

Employee Dustin Tenney saw the incident and wasn’t aware it a female officer who was involved.

“It kind of escalated a little bit and he told him to turn around and he put him against the car and found a gun in his pocket I believe it was, or in his holster,” Tenney said.

But what happened next is what’s at issue. Krause’s attorney claims Ferrari was “totally out of control, using the ‘F’ word several times” and purposely made the handcuffs too tight when arresting Krause, causing permanent injury.

“She claims he resisted, but she never charged him with resisting, so that will be part of the trial,” Krause’s attorney David Lane said.

Ferrari’s attorney told the court she acted reasonably and responsibly.

Neither internal affairs nor the city’s independent police monitor were able substantiate the manager’s claims.

Another federal lawsuit alleging excessive force is pending against Denver officer Abbegayle Dorn, another contestant on the NBC reality show.

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Comments (8)
  1. Mike says:

    this bimbo is always getting into trouble. She thinks she can just injure anyone she pleases. It’s time for her to go visit the jail for awhile only on the inside. Just imagine how many other innocent people she has abused.
    But of course Denver looks the other way until they have to do something.

  2. Kate says:

    Aint it the truth.

  3. DVS1 says:

    You are a whimp!

  4. K G says:

    Mike do you have proof of those allegations or just blowin your horn. She is actually a good police officer who like many others are targets of false accusations and people who see Denver as the cash cow, complain and get paid off. Wonder why the City didn’t pay him to shut up? Because he is full of BS and the allegations are not true. Come on, anyone with David Lane as an attorney is lying and needs the BIG mouth piece to make him look like a victim.

  5. lively says:

    K G and Mike; you both need to make sure you get your facts straight before making false accusations… you both are making your selves look ignorant and foolish.

  6. ScubaSteve says:

    K G — Your display of nepotism is uncalled for. You don’t know the facts yourself. You don’t need to be sticking up for this macho mama until you actually know all of the facts.

  7. K G says:

    LOL whatever……someone must show you cop bashers the truth, cause you can’t see it even when it’s right in front of your face. She was cleared by internal affairs and the INDEPENDENT monitor. Just a small fact you keep ignoring.

  8. Wayne says:

    I work in Denver. I have seem these two do some good work. But I know I have seen things that very much seem excessive. And it dosent help that they do it with a smile.

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