GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4)- A Weld County school board voted tonight to hold the rest of its meetings at schools. This decision comes in response to one member who said he always carries his gun with him, everywhere.

Board member Brett Reese said he received threats over an editorial he read on his radio station. That editorial is critical of Martin Luther King Junior.

Some members of the school board were not comfortable with Reese carrying a gun to their meetings.

Tonight, the board voted to move their meetings to schools, since weapons are not permitted on the property.

Reese was one of two board members who voted against the plan.

He said he will not carry a gun to future meetings held in schools.

“Moving it into the schools and communities is always a plus, but what do you do for security once you are there?” asked Reese.

  1. DenverVet says:

    Who cares about this guy anymore……..there will be another story about him in future, he is bound to mess up somehow, just wait.

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