DENVER (CBS4)– A lobbyist faces more charges after he was arresred for breaking into his ex-wife’s home.

Ronald Smith appeared in court Thursday morning. His attorneys asked for more time to investigate their case. The District Attorney has added a criminal mischief charge.

In the arrest affidavit, Smith’s ex-wife, Michelle Smith, claimed he broke into her home and poured bleach on the piano, erased her computer’s hard drive, damaged the hard wood floors with bicycle shoes and placed rotten chicken carcasses in the air vents.

Michelle’s neighbor said he was asked to be on the lookout for Smith, in anticipation of a problem.

“Kinda scary, actually, that someone would go to those levels,” said neighbor Mitch Gross.

Smith allegedly broke into Michelle’s Stapleton home in September 2010. Smith was arrested in December.

Smith’s attorney said the case could impact the lobbyist’s career.

“We’re not concerned. We agree that it’s very colorful and I think that one of the reasons why it’s being publicized. We have very positive results on our investigation. There’s no reason for us to be concerned at this time,” said Smith’s attorney Michael Evans.

Evans said there is no physical or direct evidence indicating Ron Smith had anything to do with the allegations, that none of the fingerprints recovered at the house belong to his client, and that several people had access to the home.

Police believe the crime is personal in nature.

“The actions of such that people don’t usually do this unless they really have a personal grudge against them,” said Denver Police Spokesman Sonny Jackson.

Smith is due back in court Feb. 3.

Michelle Smith has declined to comment on camera.

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  1. Joe says:

    Asking the neighbor to be on guard, seems to be a little too convenient. This doesn’t add up. Hang in there Ron, we are interested in the truth.

  2. sherry says:

    There is no physical evidence because Ron would never do such a thing. To pour bleach around in the house could endanger his daughter. He has always loved his daughter and would never do anything that could possibly harm her. It sounds like Michelle and her mother are out to destroy him and are doing a pretty good job of it so far. Try looking at this through Ron’s eyes. He has spent years building his business that he thrives in and he adores his daughter, why would he do anything to destroy this life. Michelle is definitely not worth it.

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