GREELEY, Colo. (AP) — A Greeley school board member who’s been denouncing Dr. Martin Luther King on his radio show says he won’t be going to board meetings or anywhere else with his handgun.

Brett Reese lost his permit to carry a concealed weapon Thursday after being served with a temporary restraining order requested by the owner of a rival station. He’s still allowed to carry a gun openly but he says he won’t to avoid any more trouble.

Reese has been ordered to stay away from the owner of KFKA-AM, Justin Sasso, after leaving a message talking about the two stations having a “shootout” for sponsors.

A portion of the recording states “I’ll give you until the end of the day today to pull all of your sales guys off of my sponsors or we’re going to have a shootout.”

Reese told CBS4 when he said there would be a shootout over sales turf, he didn’t mean a literal shootout.

“I think the problem is that it was on my mind. It was a poor choice of words, no question. But I wish that these people would stop sensationalizing it. This was a shootout for sponsors.,” said Reese.

Reese had been carrying a gun because he said he’s gotten death threats.

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  1. Bah says:

    Alanna, what Reese is saying is NOT completely true.

    Dr. King was never a confirmed Communist, no matter what Reese is claiming. The FBI tried for years to prove it, and admitted they couldn’t.

    His PhD was upheld by Boston Univ. DESPITE the plagarism he was accused of.

    And his name, contrary to Reese’s commentary, was changed to Martin Luther King, Jr, but King’s father when King was a boy.

    The facts make this clear cut. Reese has lied about King, has lied about death threats and has lied about what he meant when he called his competitor. He’ll get what he deserves out of this.

  2. DenverVet says:

    Why does this man still have his job if he has felt a message to another station mentioning a shoot out? He is going to hurt someone, he is insane, needs to be evaluated by professionals. Why is no group picketing his station?

  3. Alanna Sellers says:

    I think all of the News Companies should leave this alone! I’m tired of hearing about this. Stop over sensationalizing! Believe it or not, what Reese is saying is actually true. If MLK had been Caucasian, his memory would not receive the preferential treatment it does. It’s a matter of reverse discrimination. Like all of us, he had his faults. I have mine; you have yours.
    No man is better than another. No race is better than another! This is really why America became America. What you are doing today does not represent what this country stands for and I believe, Mr King would agree.

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