DENVER (CBS4) – A Colorado company, TSC Global, is helping those displaced in Haiti. A team leaves this month to teach and build shelters.

One year ago Wednesday a massive earthquake hit the Third World country.

Despite an outpouring of $11 billion of international aid, the rebuilding has been painfully slow.

On Thursday the Haitian government raised the number of dead to an estimated 315,000.
More than 1 million displaced people are still in tent camps that sprung up after the quake.

TSC Global has a machine that produces building blocks quickly out of natural resources commonly found in Third World countries.

“Obviously besides food water and disease the primary challenge there is the shelter problem. They are already experiencing extremes of misery it’s just a hell on earth,” Brad Wells with TSC Global said.

That’s why Wells is partnering with a team from Vermeer Corporation to make a difference.

“We’re looking for the right kind of material from the different regions where they’re living so we can build some schools from the dirt underneath their feet and some housing,” Terry Butler with Vermeer Corporation said.

Wells will provide the almost indestructible rooftops.

“It’s much lighter, it’s much stronger than any kind of roof that they have now, and it’s cheaper,” roof designer George Nez said.

“It is also hurricane resistant and earthquake proof at the same time,” Wells said.

Shelters have already been constructed in other third world countries. The hope is to move quickly and offer housing and jobs to those who have been homeless for a year

The hope is that while building new communities the companies can also provide jobs for those in need.

Government and private grants are helping pay for the housing.

  1. Margarette Doerrer says:

    I hope you have a non-profit status in Haoto – or you will get tied up at the ports

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