DENVER (CBS4) – One year ago this week a devastating earthquake killed 200,000 people and left Haiti in ruins. Many survivors were trapped in collapsed buildings. Dan Woolley of Colorado Springs spent nearly three days beneath the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince.

On Sunday Woolley returned to Haiti. CBS4’s Kathy Walsh talked to him via Skype. He told her what he sees saddens him.

“At one point I just sort of needed to be alone with my thoughts and spend some time in prayer,” Woolley said.

This week Woolley hopes to reunite with a fellow survivor who was trapped with him — a Haitian hotel employee named Lukeson.

  1. Gillender Building says:

    Tesla spent last ten years and died in Room #3327 because Earthquake Machine No. 2 was the Knob Hill Apparatus in Colorado Springs which caused the 27 day long 1899 Alaskan Earthquakes commencing on September 3, 1899 at 3h03m27s or 3:03:27 pm epicenter time. That was a year divisible by 3 times 3, a month divisible by 3 times 3, a day divisible by 3, in an hour divisible by 3, a minute divisible by 3, a second divisible by 3 times 3 times 3 and for Christ’s sake it was Earthquake Milne Shide No. 333

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