Written by Meteorologist Jennifer Zeppelin

December 2010 was about to go down as one of the driest on record but a two day snow storm put an end to that quickly. The winter storm on the 30th and 31st didn’t dump a ton of snow but the 3.3 inches of snow did give us a boost of moisture.

Even with the snow it was still a relatively dry month—precipitation for the month was only measured at 0.22 inches, the norm is 0.63 inches. So far the 2010-2011 snow season hasn’t seen much of the white stuff, we’ve only recorded 4.8 inches through December that’s 20.8 inches below the seasonal norm.

Besides being a dry month December was also a warm one too — the month finished with an average temperature of 34.3 degrees which was 4.0 degrees above the normal.

Denver recorded two records:  the 3rd we tied a record high of 69 degrees dating back to 1885. On the 14th a new record high of 70 degrees was reached breaking a 1924 record of 69 degrees.


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