AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Christmas is over, but the need for toys continues. The Boys & Girls Clubs use toys as incentives for good work throughout the whole year.

In the hours after school, the learning center at any of the Boys & Girls Clubs is the place to be. Kalyn Brame, 12, likes to read at the Boettcher branch.

“It’s easier to get my homework done here,” Brame told CBS4.

Teon Holt, 14, also goes to the Boettcher branch. He wants to be a chef and knows that education is the key to his success.

“I set high goals for myself to succeed and I think school can help me do that,” Holt said.

Brame and Holt are particularly motivated to do their homework at the club because they can earn prizes. Each member signs in/out for their time in the learning center. They get points for the time they spend and the books they read. Every month, each club holds an auction where the members can use their points to buy toys.

“Like for me it’s easy because I get to come here and I get to pick out the stuff I want. I usually pick out the school supplies, like the erasers, and the pencils and stuff. Stuff I need,” Brame explained.

“I think more kids would do their homework here if they get rewarded for it,” Holt said.

He also feels the incentive program offers an important lesson on work ethic.

“When you get out into the work life, you have to earn your paycheck … you don’t just get it,” Holt added.

You can support all the programs at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver by dropping off a new toy at the Care 4 Colorado donation bins in all Metro area King Soopers stores until Dec. 31.

– Written for the Web by CBS4 Special Projects Producer Libby Smith