Written by Meteorologist Dave Aguilera

You may want to stay up late on Monday night.  On the evening of December 20th, the first total lunar eclipse in three years will be visible over Denver and all of the western United States. The moon wont be completly darkened, it should take on a  dull, redish hue. The eclipse begins at about 11:33 pm .  And reaches totality  after midnight, at about 12:41 am on  Tuesday, December 21st.

A lunar eclipse is when the earth passes between the sun and the moon, with the shadow of earth covering the moon. It takes about 68 minutes for the shadow to cover the moon. Here’s the good news, unlike a solar eclipse you don’t need any special equipment to see a lunar eclipse. All you need is the naked eye, a coat and a blanket , because it will be cold at 12:41 am on Tuesday.