LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS) – One blind person was killed and two others were hurt at a bus stop Friday morning in Littleton when a vehicle drove into them.

The incident happened at about 7:45 a.m. at the RTD road-side stop at W. Mineral Avenue and S. Utica Drive. The three blind people were rushed to Littleton Adventist Hospital,  where David Nanney, of Baltimore, died. The two women injured in the crash, Georgie Sydnor from Virginia, and Carissa Ubersox from Wisconsin, were both hospitalized and were listed in stable condition Friday. 

Officials said icy road conditions likely contributed to the accident and that the driver of the car, a female, was very upset.

Littleton police told CBS4 the victims were students at the Colorado Center for the Blind, located nearby on West Shepperd Avenue.  The three students were on their way to a Christmas party where Nanney was going to play the role of Santa Claus. Nanney was a husband, a father and an accomplished musician.

Fellow student Adan Gutse was actually on the same RTD bus the three victims were waiting for.

 “The bus driver slowed down and I started hearing people say ‘Oh, my God’.” Gutse continued, “The bus driver said ‘I shouldn’t have turned my head around and looked because he knew some of those people.”

Julie Deden, Executive Director of the Colorado Center for the Blind, calls Nanney the star of his class. She says this has been a very difficult day.

“In life things can happen, and they can happen to everybody, whether you are blind or sighted.”

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  1. Andy says:

    Michael and Vicki, You need to get ahold of yourselves. When Ray said “these people” he was referring to the blind people. It is called a demonstrative adjective and shows whether the noun they refer to is singular or plural. So when he says these people he is referring the blind people in the plural sense because there is more than 1 blind person at the bus stop. If you are denying that they are blind or that somehow being labeled as blind is a bad thing I think you are the ones with a problem, not Ray.

  2. Cameron G. says:

    I see the people at this bus stop every morning. And I have always wondered how they manage to navigate to the stop. But I have to tell you, they seem pretty darn good at it. God bless them, and their friends and families.

  3. vicki says:

    Fabio, you obviously did NOT see this happen. This woman didn’t choose to hit these people, and there was no one in front of her to hit. Before posting IGNORANCE, perhaps you shouldn’t post anything at all.

    1. Ann says:

      Wow Vicki. Seem to have a bunch of pent up anger there in your reply. No we did not see the accident happen right in front of us, we did see it from a distance and that is what seemed to us happened. It is tragic.

      What is the deal with being nasty? I think there is plenty of nastiness in this world and replying like that is too bad. Sorry that he was “Ignorant” and Sorry that it offended you.

    2. Andy says:

      Vicki, how do you know that he did not see it, did you? He never said she chose to hit them instead of the car. She took action to miss the car and in doing so she accidently hit them. Unless you were there as a witness, calling Fabio ignorant or not recognizing he may have more facts that you is in fact ignorant. You chastised Ray for referring to “these people”. You did same thing…… please get yourself some help.

  4. Michael says:

    Can anyone help me out with this. I have mentioned this to my wife several times and now I would like to try and do something about this. Who would I speak with about a shelter at each bus stop at this intersection? Mainly where the accident happened but also the other stops at the corner of Mineral and Platte Canyon. I know this was an accident, but it just takes something to happen once before something is done. It would be nice to provide a shelter at a bus stop where handicap people need it the most. Oh and Ray….who are “these people” that is very rude. They are human just like you and me, just have a handicap of blindness.

  5. Ray says:

    I see these people all the time. I’m not sure why but sometimes they’ve ended up in the middle of the street. The city needs to do something to help these blind people recognize when they’re in the road. Maybe a steeper side walk or something?

    1. vicki says:

      Ray, if you look at the picture above, they were NOT in the middle of the road, they were in fact up on the sidewalk up near the rocks and bushes… and your ‘these people’ comment is disgusting…

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