John Hickenlooper and Joe Garcia are promising to be frugal when they celebrate their inauguration next month.

Colorado’s 42nd governor and lieutenant governor will be sworn in Jan. 11th.

Their inaugural dinner won’t be a sit-down affair. Barbecue beef brisket, green chile macaroni and cheese and Colorado beer will be served at the Fillmore Auditorium.

That’s less fancy than the fare served at Gov. Bill Ritter’s inaugural but tickets are more expensive — $100 each. Once enough money is raised to cover costs, proceeds will go to selected charities.

Ritter’s tickets were $60 but the follow-up festivities also included a trip by vintage train and fireworks.

Hickenlooper and Garcia plan to embark on an economic development tour after the inaugural.

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Comments (2)
  1. DenverVet says:

    How stupid, the world is getting so casual. What to wear……….lets see, Birkenstocks with white socks and plaid shorts wtih a print Hawaiian shirt. I think there is something to say about getting dressed up and having a nice inaugural dinner, not the Ritz but a nice dinner. This is stupid! I did vote for the guy btw.

  2. druid says:

    $100 for BBQ? Where will the proceeds go? No doubt to his far left Chinook Fund causes. This sets the tone for a very long 4 years. When will we ever learn? And I can’t wait to hear about the “economic development tour.” I’m sure he’s already figuring out how to stick businesses with more costs to stifle growth and jobs. We’ve got to pay for all that public assistance somehow.

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