AURORA, Colo – Aurora police have arrested a suspect in the shooting of a teenage girl near Aurora Central High School on Monday.

Det. Bob Friel with Aurora police said in a statement the suspect was taken into custody in Aurora on Wednesday afternoon.

Police said Karina Vargas, 17, was shot in the torso as she talked with friends outside the school on Monday. Classes were still in session at the time.

Vargas remained in the University of Colorado Hospital on Tuesday but her family has asked that her condition not be released.

Another student said he saw Vargas and her friends talking to people in a brown pickup. He said he then saw another car drive up and someone shoot into the crowd.

Friends say Vargas wasn’t the intended target.

“The intended target was someone else,” student Gogorias Dejene said. “Then I guess she jumped in front and got shot … most likely gang related.”

Witnesses say there were two groups of people at the intersection in an argument. Then suddenly the shooter began firing and Vargas fell.

The suspect’s name has not been released.