PARKER, Colo. (CBS) – Five middle school students in Parker are being suspended from school after getting caught with marijuana.

Douglas County School Officials said the teens, all 7th and 8th graders at Sierra Middle School, may also face criminal charges. Two of the students could be expelled.

Heather Manning, a mother of one of those students, said she isn’t happy with how the situation was handled. She said her son and the four others were taken into the principal’s office and questioned about having marijuana on Monday. She feels she should have been present for the questioning.

“I’m frustrated that they proceeded in my place. I felt like they usurped my position as a parent,” Manning said.

But the school said they followed standard procedure.

“Sierra Middle School used the policy that the board has put in place to conduct investigations involving marijuana,” said Douglas County Schools spokeswoman Susan Meek.

The marijuana was found after the students were searched last week. Manning said her son is a new student at Sierra and got caught in a classic case of peer pressure.

The students have been suspended for 8 days, but Manning said her son will probably not return.

“He’s horrified and ashamed and he said ‘I don’t want to be thought of that way … as one of those kids,'” Manning said.

The school will hold an expulsion hearing to decide what to do with the two students who are accused of planning to distribute the marijuana.

The Parker Police Department is involved in an investigation and ultimately the district attorney will decide if criminal charges should be filed.Five middle school students were busted last week for getting caught with marijuana. They were suspended from Sierra Middle School in Parker on Tuesday.

Douglas County School Officials said the kids may also face criminal charges. Two of the students could be expelled.

A mother of one of those students isn’t happy with how the situation was handled. On Monday, Heather Manning’s son and 4 others were taken into the principal’s office and questioned about having marijuana.

Manning said she’s more upset with the school than she is with her son. She believes she should have been present at the questioning.

“I’m frustrated that they proceeded in my place. I felt like they usurped my position as a parent,” Manning said.

But the school said they followed standard procedure.

“Sierra Middle School used the policy that the board has put in place to conduct investigations involving marijuana,” Susan Meek with Douglas County Schools said.

Manning said her son is a new student at Sierra Middle School, and got caught in a classic case of peer pressure.

When the students were searched, marijuana was found. Manning’s son now faces a marijuana possession charge.

The 7th and 8th graders are now suspected of possessing marijuana. 2 of the students are suspected of distributing it.

The students have been suspended for 8 days, but Manning said her son will probably not return.

“He’s horrified and ashamed and he said, ‘I don’t want to be thought of that way … as one of those kids,’” Manning said.

The Parker Police Department is involved in an investigation

The school will hold an expulsion hearing to decide what to do with the 2 students who are accused of intent to distribute that marijuana.

Ultimately, the district attorney will decide if criminal charges should be filed.

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  1. theo says:

    None of the kids were charged! non. not even the two. dont ask how i know. and carters mom…..i knew carter. he asked for it. i herd him one time. asking my friend. heather just wants to make her son look good. and better then the other students.

  2. Kiera says:

    i think the real problem is that stuff like this happens at EVERY school and people just dont know about it!! the only reason that this is a big deal is because someone found out the truth. and let me tell you there are ALOT of secrets at other schools too.. so maybe we should start taking better precautions twards things like this!

  3. mother with student at SMS says:

    I’m a mother with a child at sierra school. I was shocked at Mrs Mannings attitude and comments. She did not see the seriousness of the actions her kid took. Instead she brushed it off, says no big deal, its expected from a 13ry old to get into these types of this. Her parenting skills need some work. If they decide to pull their kid from this school it will be better for everyone overall.

  4. Duncan20903 says:

    in loco parentis Ms Manning. Google the phrase to figure out why the school authorities were legally allowed to investigate the case in the way that they did so.

    Please don’t be gullible Ms M because there is a significant likelihood that your boy was the ring leader.

    Trust, but verify.

  5. Jim says:

    What happened to all of the other comments that were here yesterday?

  6. Sierra Supporter says:

    Hmmm. Another story Heather? When I worked for a high school, a few years after Columbine, there was a ‘hit list’. Believe me, that was jumped on and dealt with immediately. How do you know the student was expelled and put in a mental institution. That information is kept confidential. Do you know the family? Wow, 2000 students . . . must have been a high school. And of course they have only one administrator to deal with all 2000 students. I know that with my children, I try to head off any escalating problems. I’m sure that’s what the school was doing. Defacement is just that, no matter what it was on. Damaging another’s property is wrong. Administrators primary responsibility is handling discipline. The best way to do that is to head it off before it escalates. Believe it or not, that kind of call is the best ones and the most productive. At least it was for the high school I worked at. Head em off at the pass so to speak. I’m surprised that the hit-list situation didn’t make the news. I truly hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and wish you and your son a wonderful future!

  7. heather manning says:

    one last story. 2 or 3 years ago a school administrator called me about my delinquent son and his defacement of a school poster in art. apparently someone drew a mustach on a poster of pres Bush and my son erased it and did his own artwork. I asked why this administrator had time to call me w/2000 other students to deal with over this. And why, by the way when my son was on a 30 student “hit list” last month, he didn’t feel the need to call me and explain the situation. A student was expelled and put in a mental institution and had a hit list of 30 pondo students which included my son. i figureed they were capable of dealing w/the situation and keeping my son safe, but when they specificall y don’t call about THAT and DO call about the other???? Call me a loon, but I think somethings big time wrong.bye

  8. heather manning says:

    so probably nothing will actually come of any of this for him. when i was in jr high a cheerleader asked me to come to her job at a dry cleaners and hang out. while i was there she offered me some pot and i smoked it with her. when i left the dry cleaners, my bike had been stolen from outside the shop. i had to go home and tell my parents. no police or school were involved. my parents never knew about the pot and i never did it again. i was horrified. apparently these bloggers never made any mistabkes as a child and probably as an adult either. I on the other hand I am 1/2 crazy having the balls to have 6 boys and keep a marriage together for 29 years. But according to some I’m a loon who is probably on drugs myself (is loon still a word?)… but one more story…read on

    1. Sierra Supporter says:

      It’s not about the mistake Heather. It’s about dealing with the responsibility afterwards. We’ve all done ‘bad things’ in our growing up process. Yes, I tried pot as a teenager as well. I didn’t get caught and was lucky. I also know that if my parents had found out, I wouldn’t have been able to sit down for a month. Some of my own kids have gone that route too. We dealt with them, keep the communication flowing, and assist them with their growing up process. Unfortunately, in this age of Columbine, 9/11, and escalating drug use and violence in the schools, the rules have changed. That’s unfortunate but necessary. We have to protect our children. You should be happy that you know people care enough about your son’s safety to have these rules in place. They do care, Heather. Don’t doubt for a minute that they don’t. I worked for a school district for several years and you don’t even know the half of what goes on and what the administrators and teachers deal with on a daily basis. Maybe that’s why I have the outlook I have and support for the schools like I do. It’s easy to criticize from the outside . . . what do they say about taking a walk in my shoes. This, unfortunately, is not an isolated incident in schools in this district and across America. It also wouldn’t have been such a huge deal iif it hadn’t been made one. Your son would have come out okay and been able to have gone on with his life without the recognition he now has, here in Douglas County and beyond. Bottom line is this, your son had a choice to make and he made the wrong one. He knows it was wrong and hopefully won’t do it again. Excellent! Now let’s all move on!

  9. heather manning says:

    my husband is out of town this week on a business trip and has been in contact w /our family regarding this incident. by the way, the parker police told me that my son “did nothing wrong and would not be charged” and he hasn’t at this point. What the administration did was provide them with an “incident report” that included my son which put him in a situation for possible charges. however, the “incident report is not admissible and he never was found to be in possession of anything . read on

    1. Sierra Supporter says:

      Again, I find it hard to believe that the police told you that. I believe that your son probably won’t be charged; that’s a good thing. Using pot, however, is wrong so you go on believing that what he did isn’t wrong. I know about the incident reports, my kids have dealt with them on and off over their years. I also know that the police do use these as part, not all, of their investigation. They speak to the child directly and all others involved. When my child was a witness in a similar situation, and it actually did go to court, the incident reports were part of the court process so, they are admissible.

  10. heather manning says:

    did i hit a nerve? I was told by parker police that my son will not be charged and did “nothing wrong”. I believe shool should teach and not try to be investigators, law enforcement, or medicine men. It’s interesting that none of you have names or identities. While I answered most of the questions raised in my previous blog, I will answer only a few more and get back to my life. I’ve learned that you cannot teach the unteachable nor make a blind man see. My husand and I have been married 29 years and raised our kids in the douglas county area for over 16 years. We have lots of experience with this particular school district and their ambitions. read on

  11. Questions for Mom????????? says:

    Questions? What does dad think about all of this? What should be your sons punishment? If the school sweeps this under the rug, isn’t this an even bigger story? Who do you think filed charges on your child? The School? What punishment might you suggest for students who purchase marijuana at school? Is your son new to the school because this is his first year in middle school? How long has he been in district? You mention district, school board but do you really have an issue with Sierra Middle School and their staff? Do you expect a principal to just jump when you say jump? Do you seriously think two male teachers are going to search a girl? What poor judgement are you referring to? If your kid brings drugs, guns or knives to school. you think you should be there for their questioning? Even if it takes a parent 2 hours to respond? Really? Are you high? Was your son trying to buy a little smoke for you? Well played don’t you think? So who is cunning now?

  12. Pathetic Really says:

    Mrs. Manning,
    You might be psycho and need to be medicated yourself. Maybe that is why your son is turning to drugs or “peer pressure” as you put it. You would throw your sons name out there for the world to know………….what? You are a momma bear alright and you need to let your son learn consequences for poor decisions. He messed up and he needs to learn…but you are taking that opportunity to…..still not sure? You may think you are sharp or cunning, but the world thinks you’re a loon. For the students who know this young and other students…you sure it was just their first time really? Might consider that one for a minute… many of these kids are “knuckleheads” in school. This is an opportunity to learn something…not justify, make excuses or whine that the world has consequences.

  13. Sierra Student (not one that got busted) says:

    i think Suspension is enough i dont think that the kids were going to become drug addicts they just want to try it once. I dont personally see a problem in it the first time they try it they could hate it you never know what will happen.

    1. Sierra Supporter says:

      Students who ‘try it’ are usually just suspended. One of my children was in a similar situation and that’s the District’s policy. It gets more serious when they sell the drug. That’s a felony conviction and is much more serious. This is where a student can be expelled.

  14. heather manning says:

    So I leave you with these thoughts. I am a concerned citizen and a loving parent of 6 amazing men and boys. My oldest is a DU graduate attorney, my second a CSU grad, The mother of a fourth son, a college student now, who was by my third sons side as he died of his injuries at the scene of a car accident, almost 10 years ago who needed the help and guidance of his school and was met by the same judgemental, out of control, me-centered school board, and a freshman and a 13 year old that caused all this stir. I’m a mom, the best in all the workd to these amazing men. Should you be so lucky. Fondlly, Heather

    1. Sierra Supporter says:

      I don’t doubt that you love your boys and you’re a good mom to them. I do believe, however, as a mom of great kids myself, you could have handled this much differently, especially where your son is involved.

  15. heather manning says:

    So, while my little one is going to be cleared most assuredly of his “crimes”, I’m left to wonder if this little exercise made any impact. Shame on you for thinking everything you read in the press and the sound bites on TV are real! 13 year old know theyre not. Or were you just mistaken-do you have a brain? Are you using it??? See the big picture here. It’s never been about me or my son, we’ll be fine. It’s about our community and the loss of power and control of our very loved ones futures at the whim of an institution that’s out of control. read on

    1. Sierra Supporter says:

      Hmmm. The question here is this, did your son not only buy but try pot? From what the students ( and police too from their statements) are saying at the school, he did. I doubt he will be ‘cleared’ of a crime that he actually committed. I’m also sure that he will be given a second chance, which is what I’ve heard is this horrible district’s policy. I hope he, and you as well, embrace it. This exercise has really made an impact on me. I didn’t realize how crazy some of my neighbors actually are. Thank you for pointing this out. And, you’re the one who ran to the media so you obviously felt that what you hear there is true. Otherwise, why did you run to them? I’m sure that institutions across America are sitting around all day thinking up whims. How dare they!

  16. heather manning says:

    So I laugh at the comments about my parenting skills. You bet I’m skillful. I’m a momma bear. Our community is at risk, our kids are at risk at a school board running amock w/their own purposed power. I think they need to know they are NOT in power. It is the tax payers and parents that are in power. They listen to us! They are paid by us! So do you REALLY want your little girl frisked by 2 adult mailes behind clothes doors???? Now who’s the bad parent again??? Your kidding right…I’ll continue. read on

    1. Sierra Supporter says:

      I don’t know about your parenting skills. However, your comments are truly making my day. I needed a good laugh. In fact, we’re all gathered around the computer at the office this morning getting a huge chuckle. Hmm, really, frisked by two adult males behind closed doors? Now Heather, trying to get your point across by lying? Come on. That is absolutely not allowed and you know it. There is a very strict policy and procedure when searching students. Now you’re proving to us that you’re not just a psycho but a liar. We can make our own opinions on your parenting skills just based on your psycho rantings here.

  17. heather manning says:

    My cunning diabolical scheme was to expose dc school district, Sierra ms, and the administration of their poor judgements. I’ve had over 21 years experience raising my 6 sons in this district. Do you know you sign a written permission form for the school to administer tylenol? But do you know they can question, sequester, frisk(by 2 adult males behind closed doors), humilate, and threaten them without your permission? Did you know that REALLY? Did you know they made that rule up themselves? read on

    1. Sierra Supporter says:

      Wow, 21 years experience raising you sons. You must be an expert at parenting and the District! You did sign that you and your child read the District’s Code of Conduct, right? I know I did for my kids who are in the District. If the parents read this Code of Conduct, then I guess they should know this. And, I also know that only elementary kids need a form signed for Tylenol. The district trusts the parents and students of the middle and high school kids to use their brains and carry their own tylenol etc. Did you know that? Made the rule up themselves? Huh? My kids have been in several other districts over the past 20 years and every one of them follows this same procedure. What do you really know, or just think you know Heather?

  18. heather manning says:

    My child was one of seven, and by the way he did not have any illegal substance in HIS possession. When I called the principal, she was too busy to speak w/me. To busy to speak with a parent, who by HER action allowed this parents child to potentially face life changing charges without representation???? Too busy???? I gave her a msg that if she didn’t get on the phone then I would be contacting every news agency in the Denver Metro Area. You sure you’re too busy??? But not too busy to hang my son out to dry all by himself???? She told her receptionist to tell me she’d call me back. I told her receptionist to tell her this was the most important call of her day and would she like to reconsider…..I promptly notified every news agency around. By 5pm I had sched an interview, by 6pm we were tapping….read on

    1. Sierra Supporter says:

      Heather, you are a psycho . . . try medication. Really? You want to go on with this. O my god! No wonder your child is turning to drugs!!!!

    2. Sierra Supporter says:

      Oh ya, and let’s have the principal drop dealing with my child because you’re on the phone wanting to discuss yours! Please! Principals have hundreds of kids to deal with, yours isn’t the only one. What makes your problem more important than the hundreds of other children at the school. Let’s all drop what we’re doing folks, Heather’s on the phone!

  19. heather manning says:

    I’m going to bring you along now….listen carefully. Would an overprotective parent really purposefully expose her poor little child to such public scrutiny???? Really???Or is this mother cunning and sly???? This is not about an incident, but years of a government controlled, out of control school district who whishes to displace parents and voters alke. Talk about blaming someone else. It was OUR fault for not voting for the bonds that the schools are broke and they have to charge for bus routes now…..who’s acting like a child, blaming others for their own mistakes???? read on

  20. heather manning says:

    Okay kids, lets put our thinking caps on. Do you really believe in the truth of sound bites and media print? Really? There is so much more under the surface. I may appear stupid at first glance, but ahhh, look again, I’m cunning. This is a story about the last straw breaking the camels back. This “incident” was the straw and I am the camel. The institution doing the breaking -providing the straw is the horrible judgement of our school board here in douglas county….read on

    1. Sierra Supporter says:

      I believe what I saw/heard you say, sound bites or not. Don’t back-pedal now. The school had every right to do what they did. They give every child the choice to have their parent present. You need to advise your children to take them up on that choice. I did with my children and the District has always followed their wishes. If a child is visiting my home and commits a crime, you’d better believe I will call the cops. I will let them follow their procedure from there. Your child was in the District’s ‘home’. You bet they can follow their rules during this time. As for the Douglas County School Board, check with other districts and their policies. You will find that they are the same or similar. Unfortunately, with children, like your son, getting into these types of crimes, the procedures are necessary.

  21. Sierra Parent says:

    Ms. Manning is the problem here. When did our society find that the way to get around a problem is to blame someone else, because that is exactly what she is doing! Where was her parenting when the child was getting involved in the first place? The child violated the law and deserves to be punished! Unfortunately, Ms. Manning will not allow her son to learn an important lesson here, She instead has taught him that when you are in trouble, blame someone else!

    1. Kiera says:

      so i take it you dont know the entire story? you clearly dont have ANY evidence that mrs. manning is takeing any precautions twards her son and him learning a lesson. so you might want to think before you speak

  22. G says:

    Well looks like the ones who are not getting suspended will have to face their slap on the wrist fine of a couple hundred bucks and a few hours of community service. This is not news, this kind of thing happens all the time. This is what happens when kids behave like kids. Please do us all a favor and report on something that is truly news worthy.

  23. lady d says:

    Where did they get the marijana from in the first place? Makes you wonder. It’s to bad that parents aren’t aware of what there children are doing or they aren’t communicating . This is a hard lesson and hopefully they won’t make the same mistakes.

    1. asd says:

      The people on this post make it sound like this is some kind of huge mistake, an that these kids lives will be ruined over this incident. Give me a break, getting caught with marijuana is a joke. This state has the most lenient laws in country in regards to being caught with marijuana.

  24. Serena says:

    I go to Sierra too. One of the girls who was involved used to be my best friend, and I remember when she started doing it, i told her to stop & she said she did. It sucks knowing she didn’t listen and now she is in all this trouble. Im also really good friends with Carter and the other boy. I think they kind of deserve their punishment, but like Alise said, all of them can be good kids when they want to be. Were all still growing up and we are learning from our mistakes, as much as everyone says its bad, people are still doing it & trying it. It was dumb of them to do it in school, but I also think they should get another chance because i know they learned from it. For sure.

    1. Sierra Supporter says:

      From past experiences dealing with the District and my children, the District does try to give students a second chance. No one has said that they won’t get that.

  25. Bev M says:

    This mom is part of the problem! Why is she making excuses for her son who of course knows it is not okay to have marijuana at school!
    Had this happened when i was in high school, we’d have been suspended for the remainder of the school year! and then my parents would have punished me severely.
    No wonder there’s so much trouble at schools with parents being so permissive and not putting their foots down with their own children!

  26. Alise says:

    And whoever this person, Citizen M is needs to stop commenting on everyones post! shut up

    1. Sierra Supporter says:

      Citizen M has the same right to post their comments as you do Alise.

  27. A says:

    I agree with the comments that marijuana is not a big deal and that the conservative movement of Colorado puts in it a stupid agenda. However, wait until the kids are legal adults to start making decisions about it. They should absolutely be expelled for going against the school’s drug policy no matter what it is.

    And Manning, stop trying to blame the system. Whether it was peer pressure or not, take the responsibility as a parent and have your child accept the consequences.

  28. student katie says:

    ok soo i go to sierra and carter isent the one u would see doin marijana he was always one of the good kids and i also know to other kids im not gonna say there names but there in my class and its sad because we were just learning about drug us and how bad it is

    1. Alise says:

      I am a student that goes to Sierra Middle School and I know how bad drugs and alcohol are. I was once caught with cigarettes at this school and I agree with Mrs. Manning that they have a terrible way of questioning the students. When I was questioned I felt targeted at and I hated it. I know the students that were involved with this situation and I know that they are good kids. They may do stupid things but we all do. I know I have with the cigarette incident. Most of the kids at Sierra have/do stupid things. I know that the kids who got caught with pot are good kids and should have a second chance

      1. Sierra Supporter says:

        The argument isn’t that the kids aren’t good. The majority of them are. The point is that there are rules, at home, at school, in society. If a rule is broken, there’s a consequence. And, sweetheart, you were ‘targeted’ since you were the one who broke the rule. It feels horrible to be questioned, no matter how ‘nice’ the people are that are doing it. My kids go to school in the District and one or two of them have been in similar situations. I’ve been in on the questioning and don’t have any complaints. The whole situation is hard. However, you break a rule or a law, you have to be able to deal with the consequences of the choice you made to break it in the first place. The police aren’t going to accept the excuse of, “oh, darn, I did a stupid thing. Can you let me off cuz we all do stupid things?” And, I do know that all these students will get a second chance, just like you did with the cigarettes.

  29. Citizen M says:

    Learning how to say to no to peer pressure is part of growing up and being responsible. Heather paints her kid as a victim. I do believe the kid has a brain, and therefore is capable of critical thinking. Is he not? So you all know the saying, “If you friend jumps off a building, are you also going to jump off the building’? This is not a novel concept. Heather…you should go to detention.

  30. Sandy says:

    Ms. Manning, are you serious? Your son BROKE THE RULES! I hope he’s embarrassed and ashamed. Maybe next time he’ll remember this when he faces “peer pressure”. Let him learn his lesson. It will help him grow up to make good choices on his own.

    1. Jerry says:

      Hopefully the next time your child makes a mistake it gets posted on the internet and perfect strangers start casting stones.

  31. Get Real says:

    It could have been worse. At least it wasn’t alcohol or pharmaceuticals from their parents. Those substances could kill them, unlike cannabis that has killed no one.

    1. Citizen M says:

      Which substance the kid had is not the point.

      1. Jim says:

        Yes it is, if this hadn’t involved marijuana it certainly wouldn’t be front page news. Opponents of reform will take any opportunity to cast marijuana in a negative light.

  32. Sierra Mom says:

    Weneed to teach ourchildren to accept responsibility for their actions. This mother has robbed her son of a valuable learning experience. My daughterwasalso inolve. Her friend told her she had pot and she told no one for about 25 min before someone else told and an adult questioned her. She received an afternonn of detention that I hope helps her make better choices in the future.

  33. Jerry says:

    How is this front page news? Sounds like CBS4 has a politically motivated agenda and is trying as hard as they can to demonize marijuana.

    1. Citizen M says:

      You are right Jerry. How absurd that CBS and most adults think it wrong for kids to smoke pot and go around stoned. I hope you aren’t a parent.

      1. Jerry says:

        I don’t think kids should use marijuana either, calm down. People who don’t know the facts about the substance read reports such as this and perceive it as a subversive beast that preys on children and undermines social conventions. I would also like to know who’s idea it was to make this story so public. It is clear there are classmates of these children on here now making statements, this should have been kept private for the sake of the kids involved. Why is this front page news? Why don’t we get reports every time a kid gets into their parents’ liquor cabinet and brings something as “innocuous” as Vodka to school? I was commenting on the double standard that demonizes marijuana in the media rather than condoning marijuana use by children.

      2. te says:

        They could be doing much worse things then smoking pot and getting stoned.

  34. Jon Smit says:

    I agree with suspension, but expulsion? It’s not like they were an addictive, harmful substance like tobacco, alcohol or prescription pills…

    1. Citizen M says:

      You miss the point.

    2. Duncan20903 says:

      Indeed Mr. Smit, the point is to teach the children to start goose stepping and sieg heiling when an authority figure snaps his fingers.

  35. Colorado Res says:

    I have to agree with the other comment. Its not the school’s responsibility to get parents, lawyers and whomever else involved when school rules and laws are broken. The school is clearly allowed to question kids in a situation like this, I’m sorry if its embarrassing, but I hope thats all it is and not a sign of a bigger problem. Be mad at your child, not the school. He’s not a victim here.

  36. Citizen M says:

    Had you a clue about your child’s activities, perhaps the school wouldn’t have had to usurp your parental authority, Heather. Moreover, your kid disobeyed the school rules/policy and broke the law, and now he’s being held accountable. So in the future when your kid gets in trouble at his job, are you going to stomp your feet in protest then as well? Parents like you are what’s wrong. Not the school.

    1. Eric says:

      I know Carter though he would have never done marijuana if it wasnt for peer pressure.

      1. Eric says:

        sorry said the wrong name

      2. Citizen M says:

        He isn’t a victim. He has a brain. He can make his own choices.

    2. Jerry says:

      The fact that someone publicized such a story is “what’s wrong.” Your opinion may be correct on some level, but the point is this is none of your business, nor is that of mine or anyone else not directly involved. We’re only discussing this in such a public forum because it involves marijuana, unfortunately the poor kid involved will suffer greatly as a result of the attention this has garnered. Imagine if your childhood transgressions were being discussed on the internet by both strangers and your peers, how would you feel?

    3. Colorado Dad says:

      For those posting and wondering how this became front page news. Ask the mother. I bet she is the one who called in the news station to tell her story and garner sympathy for her poorly treated son. Nothing like a helicopter parent rushing to the rescue and in the process publicizing her and her son’s inadequacies.

      1. Sierra Student says:

        You are actully 100% correct. The school’s legal standard was to keep it confidential, but for some strange reason, the mother told the news.

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