Need to start your day out with a bang? How about a hot cup or joe… and a nice succulent donut!

Researchers in Spain say the combination of caffeine and sugar jump start the brain into gear- and help with attention span and memory.

Im sure you wish you were picked for this 72 person study which looked at the effects of America’s weakest breakfast and found that coffee-high sugar combo really helped people function better, as well as more quickly.

The improvements were in memory, concentration, alertness, manual dexterity, and mood. ( I mean, who wouldn’t be in a better mood after a nice glazed donut and a steaming cup to start the day.)

As with most things, there”s a dark cloud here. You know the coffee is probably fine but there was no research on how long the sugar made the people function better. I bet there was a sugar rush, then a crash. Plus if you do go the donut route, there’s a load of fat to consider. And how about a comparison to other, healthier breakfasts? So what may be temporarily good for the brain, is probably bad for the heart, blood vessels, and waistline. (Sorry)

The researchers do admit more research needs to be done. I think maybe an occasional jelly donut may be good for the soul as we wait for that research to be done. We can only hope the wheels of science turn slowly.

Here’s the study:>

Comments (2)
  1. Doug C. says:

    A good way to avoid the sugar crash is to keep eating donuts!

  2. M Patten says:

    I didn’t know I was eating a “healthy’ breakfast every morning before heading out on my 6:15 walk.

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