Frontier Airlines and its new owner Republic Airways have filed a lawsuit to stop an online marketing company from continuing a promotion that promises $1,000 gift cards for the airline for free.

Frontier offers gift cards for sale on their website, but the airline sued after people received twitter messages directing them to the Online Rewards Center’s website that offered the gift cards free, if directions were followed.

The suit claims the marketing company used false advertising and use of Frontier’s trademark.

People were directed to a website with an image of a Frontier airplane congratulating them on the opportunity. They could get a $1,000 Frontier gift card, but only if they follow a set of directions.

Those who visited the site were asked to fill out a lengthy survey asking for a lot of personal information. Then they were directed to a site to purchase a variety of items from other companies.

Frontier insists the free gift card isn’t really free at all. What is unclear is if anyone has received such a card from and if so, if Frontier would honor it.

The airline is not alone in its legal action. The promotion company has been sued by Wal-Mart, Coldwater Creek Apparel, Starbucks and the Men’s Warehouse for similar incidents.

Frontier is asking the federal court to issue an injunction to stop Online Rewards from continuing its gift card giveaway.

When contacted, asked to submit any questions to their attorneys by mail.


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