The FDA lowered the boom on some high test alcohol/caffeine drinks, calling them unsafe to be on the market.

The products are a combo of alcohol and caffeine, in essence a product that’ll make you high and keep you awake… in other words an alert drunk. At least for a while.

Here’s the issue. The caffeine keeps you awake so you don’t feel the tiring effects of the alcohol- so you drink like a thirsty camel and get a big buzz while you’re at it. One products, for example, is the equiv of four beers and four cups of coffee.

Heres the problem. The caffeine wears off more quickly than the alcohol, so while youre partying away, you initially feel good enough to keep slugging them down. Then you crash.. possibly fatally. The reason is that when that wide awake feeling dissolves, youve got a heckuva lot of alcohol in your system– probably more than if you had not had the caffeine keeping the engine running– and you wind up with an alcohol overdose. Bad stuff.

The FDA says seven brands of this crazy brew (made by four companies) is a “public health concern” and the manufacturers now have seven days to reformulate the products.


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