I realize that the increased DUI enforcement during this holiday week is not the really the vision you want to carry around with you. Gravy, stuffing and mashed potatoes are more the fare that we want dancing through our heads right now.

But this is only the second year that enforcement patrols are being heightened to the ‘Heat Is On’ level. Once again, the Colorado State Patrol and 71 other agencies are going to be looking for you this Thanksgiving if you choose to drink and drive.

Last year, 580 drivers were nabbed during the seven day Thanksgiving enforcement period. Lives forever changed because drivers felt sober enough to drive, but weren’t.

And that’s not hard to do in Colorado. In the name of safety, our DUI numbers are lower than the national average. .08 blood alcohol means approximately one drink an hour, and you’re legally drunk. It doesn’t matter if you have a belly full of food, or if you drank a ton of water. When you blow into the machine, your alcohol level will be the same. Drunk. And you’ll be under arrest.

This past summer, I heard of a woman who got a DUI. She had been at the golf course, and had a couple of beers over several hours. She didn’t even feel buzzed when she left. But she was legally drunk in the state of Colorado, blowing a .082. Instead of going home to take a shower, she was on her way to jail.

Unless you have a DUI machine in your car, it’s hard to tell if you are over the limit. So play it safe. Pre-planning with a designated driver could be the way to go. Cabbing it can be difficult if you went over the river and through the woods for your holiday, but there are always ways to do it safe.

DUI’s are expensive and humiliating, and this is just the beginning of the season. As we round the corner past Thanksgiving, and into Christmas parties and New Year celebrations, start planning your rides. That way, you can also plan on keeping all of your hard-earned money, and keeping all those points away from your driver’s license.

Hoping your holiday is safe and blessed.

– by Lynn Carey


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