I swear my body is rebelling.

The cold weather settles in – and my energy level – plummets.

Even though I knew it was coming….It’s still going to take this summer time, sunshine loving girl a few weeks to adapt to “winter.”

So what better way to beat the winter blues – than by getting out “in” it?

This Sunday I have the pleasure of being the emcee for the Home for the Holidays 5k and 1k Family Fun Run in City Park.

It’s not too early in the morning.

The 1k Family Fun Run kicks off at 9-am and the 5k follows shortly after.

According to our always accurate weatherman – Ed Greene – Sunday should be a decent day.

Sunny and in the 40’s.

It’s my first year to help out the race which benefits The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.

I cannot even being to imagine what it’s like not having a home.

I love my “home.”

Not just because it’s a roof over my head – but because it’s my safe place – my escape from the world.

It’s filled with love, comfort and peace.

Everyone should have a home, a place where they are safe.

The money from this race helps provide that…..and that alone is reason enough to strap on your sneakers.

I’ll have the family there with me…I hope you’ll join us.

– by Karen Leigh


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