Comcast rates are about to go up and whether you agree with it or not, the bottom line is if you want the service, you will pay. It’s just that simple. Still, many of you were not holding back on Facebook tonight. Bottom line is no one wants to pay more whether you can afford it or not.

The 4.6% increase is due to take effect next year (Jan 2011). The good news is if you have signed-up for a promotional package or are currently enjoying it right now, your rates will not be effected. If you don’t like what’s taking place with your rates, use your voice before you use your remote! Let Comcast hear from you.

– by Gloria Neal

  1. Keeba Smith says:

    That’s the problem: too many of us won’t make that call if it means paying less for an over priced item. Please, some of us won’t even contact our local government officials if they disagree with a Bill or have a complaint about community concerns. Some people just stand still while the train is steering straight towards them. You still might get hit, but at least you tried to get out of the way.
    (Alternatively, I’m glad I dropped Comcast years ago as DirecTV is much cheaper.)

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