DENVER (CBS4) – Thanksgiving is on Thursday and there’s just one month until Christmas. CBS4’s Suzanne McCarroll found five stress-free ways to shop and save money for the holidays.

For those who need presents for their family but don’t want the crush of crowds, here’s tip No. 1: Go to a small locally-owned store to find unique gifts. There are no lines, there are no throngs of people, and be in and out in mere minutes with a gift-wrapped present in hand.

Do your research online before buying. reviews products. Te creator of the new website has no problems admitting he wants to be armed with knowledge and discounted prices.

“The reason I started the site is because I buy cheap,” he said.

Stores from Wal-Mart to upscale Nordstrom are offering free shipping — save the hassle of mailing gifts.

Follow the market trends online and shop certain days of the week for certain products that are marked down that day. If it’s Monday, buy sunglasses.

Take advantage of the crazy hours stores are open during the holidays. One example is Target opens at 4 a.m. this Friday and stays open until 11 p.m. Store personnel say late at night shoppers will practically have the store to themselves.

– Written by Suzanne McCarroll