One hundred and thirty-four miles of river form the heart of the Yampa River State Park in northwest Colorado. There are 13 access points to the river, the park and all it offers.

“We’re really trying to encourage people to not let cabin fever get the best of them,” said park manager Ron Dellacroce. “We want people to get out, to get their skis on. We do groom ski tracks. We actually maintain pond skating and there probably are not too many people around who remember pond skating. We give them that opportunity. We give the parents the opportunity to bring the kids out and show them the way it used to be.”

Dellacroce concedes the winters can be long in this part of the state.

“We’re kind of on the tail end of winter although with all this snow you can’t tell,” he said. “We’re just starting to get some signs of spring, the ribbons of water are starting to break on the river.”

“I’m sure the people as well as the wildlife are all really looking forward to a little bit of a break and getting the spring going.”

But even the in the long, cold days of winter, Dellacroce hopes people will head to the park to enjoy all it offers.

“Get out and enjoy winter because it’s meant to be enjoyed, that’s really why a lot of us are here. We truly enjoy the snow and what it brings later on in the spring and the summer,” he said.


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