The Celestial Seasonings tea company is the most popular attraction in Boulder. More than 100,000 visitors tour the factory every year.

From the mint room to the tasting room, visitors get a first hand look at the world’s most modern factory for producing tea.

Celestial Seasonings produces more than 100 flavors of teas and herbal infusions. The company’s senior blendmaster, Charlie Baden, is in charge of making sure they all taste just right.

“I’m looking for anything off. I’m looking for weakness in flavor,” is how he explains his job.

And Baden is happy to share the keys to properly prepared tea:

Let the tea steep for at least 4 minutes and make sure to wring out the bag. “You want to get the strongest cup of tea you can,” he said.

A favorite spot for visitors is the packaging area and the robotic palletizer.

“The hopper allows just the right amount of tea on the paper and then another layer of paper is sandwiched over it,” said tour guide Kim Stout.

But the automated assembly line does require an employee to keep a close eye on it.

Celestial Seasonings also uses the tours to educate visitors about its environmental efforts. The company supports organic growers and all of its boxes and liners are made from recycled material.

Even tea bags which don’t make the cut are sent through a machine where the tea is ripped out and sent back to the production line.

The tour also includes a look at the art gallery which features the artwork from the tea boxes.

The tours are free and take about 45 minutes. The tours are given every day of the year except for major holidays.


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