Top Spots For Stylish Used Furniture In Denver

October 1, 2013 6:00 AM

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For renters, people on a budget and those who don’t want to dismantle an entire house, new furniture can be a quick and easy way to transform your home. However, furniture isn’t always cheap so it’s a good idea to shop around. Fortunately, there are several shops in Denver in which you can find consigned furniture. Much like consigned clothing, this furniture is gently used and is typically in much better condition than some used furniture. Check out these stores to transform your home.

Home and Again
66 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
(303) 781-1400

This shop on South Broadway offers killer finds for a fraction of what they would cost if bought new. With pieces for any room that can be taken home as is or refurbished to match your own personal style, this is a great place to start when redoing a room. If you are moving into your own place for the first time or have moved into a bigger house that you find yourself having to furnish, stop by this shop and get started.

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Clutter Consignment
1909 9th St.
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 386-3423

While vintage stores abound in this city, it can be tough to find nice contemporary pieces on a budget. Enter Clutter Consignment. This shop in Boulder has a great selection of modern, posh pieces in addition to some of the more shabby chic merchandise. If you’re the kind of person who wants a sleek leather chaise, stop into to this store and check out the goods. You can find a couch that is comfy, yet stylish and all of the accents to go with it.

The Amazing Garage Sale
4919 N. Broadway
Boulder, CO 80304
(303) 447-0417

With a lot of merchandise for people of all taste levels, it’s no wonder that this is a popular consigned furniture store. If you want a couch, a new table, an entertainment center or anything else that strikes your fancy, look for it here. The merchandise turns over pretty quickly and the shop is selective about what it takes, so you can be sure that whatever you want will be in good condition. If for some reason you can’t find the perfect piece, there are several available that can be stained or refurbished.

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Affordable Consigned Furnishings
1600 S. Abilene
Aurora, CO 80012
(303) 693-7077

A 10,000-square-foot showroom and a plethora of furniture from which to choose makes this store perfect for outfitting any room. With new merchandise arriving all the time, this shop is a great place for those who like to peruse, but be sure to act quickly if you find something you want. The store also offers interior decorating tips on its website, so if you need help picking pieces to pull together into a cohesive look, be sure to ask or check out the site. You’ll make a room that is inviting and comfortable without breaking your wallet.

Joy’s Consigned Furnishings
5030 E. Hampden Ave.
Denver, CO 80222
(303) 757-7269

Joy’s offers a mix of timeless elegance and sophistication. If you’re into contemporary design that will still be stylish in 10 years or you want a timeless statement piece, stop by this store. With everything from stone end tables to cushy sofas, this shop has what you need to create a standout room. Joy’s also arranges pick-up and delivery, so if you are consigning a piece or if you just bought one, you don’t have to worry about how to transport it from here to there.

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